October 2017

Chinook Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Agenda

October 12th, 2017 6:00pm

Type of Meeting: Monthly Meeting


I.     Call to order

President Sarah Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:07pm.

II.     Roll call

The following persons were present: Jennifer Hellman, Hayley Yost, Sarah Pratt, and guests Carol DePriest, Dana Davies, and Daniel Dahl.


III.     Approval of minutes from last meeting

Frank motioned to approve the minutes from the last meeting and Daniel 2nd, Motion passed.


IV.     Treasure’s Report

Bills were read by Treasurer, Hayley Yost. Jenn moves to pay bills and Daniel 2nds, motion passed.


V.     Committee

a.      Appreciation Committee Meeting - Committee met and finalized details for the Farmer Rancher Night.  We are very excited to have the dinner catered by Shaina Hofeldt with desserts from Rad's Deli.  Decorations have been ordered along with other small details.  Volunteers have been setup to help at the dinner, the board of directors will be serving food at the dinner.  We are looking forward to this appreciation dinner.

b.     Business After hours- Few possible businesses for After Hours but nothing for sure at this time.  Jenn will be in contact with the Wildlife Museum, Rod and Gun club and Just Us Construction.


VI.     Open issues

a)     Digital Ticker Board- We have received the HDMI box from Daniel and are finishing up getting everything ready to go.

b)     Installation of Welcome Banners-  Jenn reached out to Miller Brothers Tree Service and with the recent snow fall and power outage they are busy cleaning up trees that have fallen.  Willie will be in touch with Jenn when they become available to help up install these banners.

c)     Installation of Banners- We have received approval from NorthWestern Energy to start hanging our banners. Jennifer will be in contact with Miller Brothers to see if they can help with their bucket truck, or if we can borrow it.

d)     Member Thank you Thursday - Hayley is working on this.

e)     Reporter- Tabled at this time.

f)     Chamber Employee: Erica has since declined the position of the Chamber Executive since the last meeting.  We are now looking for this position to be filled.

g)     Shop Local FB Post- This has been tabled until an Executive director is hired.

h)     Place Branding Survey- Tabled until the Executive Director is hired.

i)     Table Mats- Tabled until next meeting.

j)     FB Thank you for members- Jennifer has started working on thanking all of our current and new members on facebook.

k)     Tables and Chairs rental- Jennifer looked into the price of tables and chairs we currently have in our trailer, there is roughly $18,000.00 without the price of the trailer.  After a discussion on deposit prices we have decided to have a committee meet to go over these for the next meeting.  Hayley, Sarah, Jennifer and Daniel have agreed to meet October 25th at 6:00pm to go over these prices.

l)     Workshops- Our next Workshop will take place December 5th and 6th with a basic Quickbooks training class held by Bear Paw Development.  We are looking for a location to have this, it was mentioned that First Bank of MT would be a good place.  Jenn will be in contact with Craig at First Bank to see if it is available.  Sarah will be working on a flyer for this workshop.


VII.     New business

a)     Parade of Lights and Christmas Stroll-  With discussion on this years annual Parade, Daniel Dahl has agreed to be in charge of lining up the parade- Jenn will discuss how this is done with him.  We will be in contact with Larry about doing carriage rides during the day.  Sarah will be in contact with the City of Chinook for the permits on the street being blocked off and the parade permit.  Tom Finley, Langfords, and Allen Pula were mentioned about the use of a convertible for Santa and Mrs Claus to ride in.  Jennifer mentioned we should have a day a week before the Festival to put Christmas trees out in the planters, that will be November 20th at 6:00pm at the Chamber office, will be decorating the office as well.  During the day there is always photos with Santa Claus, and it was discussed to hold it in the Chamber office this year as Wells Fargo is closed.  Hayley will be in contact with Chrissy Downs to see if JUMP would like to take photos for us for the kids.

b)    Festival of Trees-  We are planning on changing things a bit for the Festival this year.  We will not be holding it outside, it will tentatively be in First Bank of MT and then moved to the Chinook Eagles for a live auction.  We are splitting up live auction and silent auction items.  Trees and big baskets will be live auction only and wreaths and smaller items will be silent auction only.  We would like to have the bell choir back and Jenn will be in contact with them to get this set up.  Dana will be in contact with Michelle and Craig about possibly being Mr. and Mrs Claus for photos and the parade, if they do not we will be looking for someone to do this.  Was mentioned that the Fairgrounds Arena committee would be a possibility to give the funds from the Festival trees for the putting up of the new arena.  We will have a separate meeting October 18th to discuss more options on the festival.  Carol DePriest was at the meeting and the Garden Club will be heading up the Festival again this year.  She will be in contact with businesses and individuals for donations for the Festival of Trees.  Tentative setup for the Festival of trees before the event will be November 13th at First bank of MT, pending approval of the Bank.  Hayley will be in contact with Montana Grafix for changing our flyer up to reflect the new changes to the Festival.  Jenn motioned to spend $200.00 on a tree/basket with items under and around for a donation, Frank 2nds- motion passed.  Jenn will work on the details for the donation.

c) Annual Banquet- Jennifer brought up the discussion of a speaker, community aware, and a date for the Banquet in 2018.  Tentative date will be January 20th, 2018, Jenn will be looking for any conflicts with this date and more details will be discussed at future meetings.

d) Thank you for Business After Hours Event-  Jennifer will be putting together a Thank you ad for this years After Hours events.  Was discussed if we should continue this event or not.  Daniel Dahl brought up maybe having an event quarterly would be better than trying to find people for every month.

e) Secretary position-  Jennifer has stepped down from her position on the Board for 2018 in hopes to find someone before the end of the year.  We are also looking for a Vice President as well.

f)  Word Program-  Was brought up that our Chamber office computers word program has expired.  Sarah will be working on getting something setup to get this back on the computer.

g)   Meeting time-  Jennifer brought up that we have changed our fall and winter meetings in the past back to Wednesdays.  Was a little discussion and Jennifer motioned to change to the 2nd Wednesday of every month, Hayley 2nds- motion passed.


Daniel motions to adjourn the meeting, Frank 2nd – motion passed.

Adjournment 7:20pm

Next Meeting: Wednesday- November 15th, 2017 at 6pm



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