November 2017

Chinook Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Agenda

November 15, 2017


Type of Meeting: Monthly Meeting

  1. Call to order

Sarah Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:05pm on November 15, 2017 at the Chamber Office.

  1. Roll call

The following persons were present: Sarah Pratt, Heather DePreist, Hayley Yost, Mitzi Cecerle, Brandon Nissen, Daniel Dahl, Frank Pehrson, and Bonnie Weber.

  • Approval of minutes from last meeting

Hayley moves to approve minutes from website and Daniel 2nds, Motion passed.

  1. Treasure’s Report


Bills were read by Hayley Yost.  Daniel moves to pay bills and Bonnie 2nds, motion passed.

  1. Committee
  2. Farmer/Rancher Appreciation- It went great! We estimate about 350 people attended. The food was incredible and music was fun. Hayley has a list going of the changes we would like to have for next years event.
  3. Open issues


  1. Ticker Board- Daniel is working on it so we can use the computer at the same time.


  1. Installation of Banners-Miller Brothers did an amazing job installing the banners!


  1. New member post- Hayley wants to put together a post for Patricia Hoefeldt’s store Miscellany.


  1. New Reporter-Mitzi- She hasn’t found anyone yet.


  1. Chamber Employee Pay- Heather motioned to change the listing for the employee to a range of $10-$12 per hour depending on skills and a 10-15 hour work week. Frank 2nd and the motion passed.


  1. Table Mats- Heather is working on this


  1. Tables and Chairs Rental Plan- The committee met and these are the changes. Chairs are $1/chair for non-members and $0.50 for members. Six ft tables are $8 for non-members and $6 for members. Eight ft tables are $10 for non-members and $8 for members. The Deposit is $100 per 10 tables. (example: 0-10 it’s $100, 11-20 tables it’s $200 and so on) The deposit will be returned if they are returned in the exact condition they received them. A cleaning fee was added to be $30 for 20 or less tables, then 25% of cost for 21 or more tables. Daniel Dahl will be in charge of table and chair rentals and he will receive half of the cleaning fee for his duties of checking in/out and doing additional tasks related. Frank moved to accept, Mitzi 2nd and motion passed.


  1. Workshops- Next one is coming up. Double check that the new dates are December 11th and 12th. It is a two day workshop. Sarah will send the ad to the paper.


  • New business



  1. Christmas Stroll- Everything seems to be in line. We are moving trees at 4pm from the Bank to the Eagles. We will need to find a new volunteer to organize the auction because this is Carol’s last year.


  1. Christmas lights on Main- The city needs more Christmas lights. The extra that were purchased last year have already been used up. They placed an order at Ace and Rob will give us a good price. Sarah will look into the costs. The snowflakes were purchased in September 2009.


  1. Annual Banquet- Date is January 20th as of right now. Sarah will reach out to Rob Quinn (he has expressed interest in the past)


  1. Word Program- Sarah was able to purchase the Office package for less than we has expected! It is installed and ready to go.


  1. Sugarbeet Festival- We wanted to get it on the radar to start thinking of the date for next year and are excited to host the event again.


Mitzi motions to adjourn the meeting at 7:40pm Hayley 2nds- motion passes.



Adjournment 7:40pm

Next Meeting: December 13th, 2017 at 6pm


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