May 2018

Chinook Chamber of Commerce 

Meeting Minutes 

May 9, 2018 


Type of Meeting: Monthly Meeting 

  I.        Call to order 

Sarah Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:03pm on May 9, 2018 at the Chamber Office. 

 II.        Roll call 

The following persons were present: Sarah Pratt, Hayley Yost, Daniel Dahl, Frank PehrsonLowell Long, Larry Surber, Dana Davis and Dawn Colby. 

III.        Approval of minutes from last meeting 

Motion passed to approve as read.  

IV.        Treasure’s Report 

Bills were read by Hayley Yost. Dawn moves to pay bills and Dana 2nds, motion passed.

We received an invoice from the City for lights.  We have split this in the past.  Sarah will contact Keith.

 V.        Committee 

a.     Sugarbeet Festival-

a.       We are moving along with the Festival and getting it organized

b.      Community Sugarbeet Festival meeting to be held May 23rd at 6:00 p.m.

b.     Escape Room- Reviewed rental options, Hayley motioned to rent Edward’s Funeral Home space.  Frank 2nds, motion passed.

a.     Sarah found a company that provides everything but construction and props for $850. We will need to contact NW Security and Ranch Eyes for camera bids.  Hayley votes to go with the Bank Heist them, Daniel 2nds, motion passed.

VI.        Open issues 

a. Ticker BoardDaniel will complete this tomorrow.

b. Coupon App- Sarah discovered another app that is a better price which is a $1050 lifetime fee.  This covers all platforms, including 25,000 pushes a week.  Hayley moves to approve this new app, Daniel 2nds.  Motion approved.  App will be launched by next meeting.  Heather Depriest is working with the school to give them access to the event calendar.

c.  Business After Hours- Sweet Medical will host the 2nd Thursday in July  

d.  Welcome Sign- Designs were presented from FFA, we will have FFA contact the reunion group to work together on this.

e. Membership Payments- BPCU is a non-profit member so Hayley will move their level accordingly 

f.  Public Service Week- Sarah is recognizing individuals by name on the Chamber’s Facebook page. We will serve ice cream tomorrow from 5-7.  The Creamery donated toppings and Finley’s provide ice cream at cost.  We will need serving tables and chairs set up in advance.  Casey Overturf would like to help.

VII.        New business 

a.      Sponsorship- Reviewed levels of sponsorship.  Sarah is working on a full description of each level. Daniel motions to approve and Larry 2nds, motion passed.


                                                              i.      Montana Proud $850

                                                            ii.      Hi-Line Nation $500

                                                          iii.      Festival Sponsor $200

b.      Blaine County Library- They were chosen from the State, one of two.  Daniel motions to have the next meeting at the library on June 13th, Hayley 2nds.  Motion passed.

c.       Chamber employee- We have a potential candidates and will meet with her next week.  This position includes the Escape Room.  

d.      Garden Club- The Chamber buys the flowers for the business planters and the Garden Club plants them.  Daniel moves to approve spending the same as last year and Frank 2nds.  Motion passed.

e.      Community Clean Up- June 2nd, we have volunteers from 2-5.  The city will provide trash bags and pick up to haul to the dump.  Meet at the Memorial Park.  Eagles will provide dinner after.  Daniel motions to donate advertisements and volunteers, Dawn 2nds.  Motion passed.

f.        Rodeo advertising- Daniel motions to sponsor at the $400 level, Dana 2nds.  Motion passed.

Adjournment 7:16pm 

Next Meeting: June 13th at 6pm at the Blaine County Library

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