March 2018

Chinook Chamber of Commerce

March 14, 2018


Type of Meeting: Monthly Meeting

  1. Call to order
    • Sarah Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm on March 14, 2018 at the Chamber Office. The following persons were present: Sarah Pratt, Hayley Yost,  Daniel Dahl, Frank Pehrson, Bonnie Weber, Eileen Savage, Heather Depriest, Jenn Hillman and Dana Davis.


  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting
    • Dana read the minutes, Hayley moves to approve minutes and Bonnie 2nds, motion passed.


  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • Bills were read by Hayley Yost.  Daniel moves to pay bills and Frank 2nds, motion passed.


  1. Employee Report
    • Sarah reads Brandon’s report. There was an issue with Town Pump being able to redeem their Chamber Bucks at the time they desired.  Daniel resolved the misunderstanding and they are accepting Chamber Bucks again.
    • Brandon had a discussion with Havre Chamber and other Chambers about a member get together once a quarter from the Hi-line.
  2. Committees
    • Business after Hours
      1. Miscellany and Neighbors in need will host March 15th.
        1. The flyer was not approved ahead of time. Going forward we will make sure this happens
      2. Treasure State Title will host in April. Brandon is working with them
    • Account Review Committee
      1. There are some unreconciled columns. Kacee didn’t have any concerns and recommended to leave for now.  Hayley will attend the Quickbooks workshop
      2. Note-do not pay bills in cash as it makes reconciliation difficult
  1. Open Issues
    • Digital Ticker Board. This is on hold until summer.
  • Coupon App-the test app is complete with the exception of the members being added. We would like to educate the businesses on the rewards and how it works, about the pushes and event calendar
  1. New Business
    • Sugarbeet Festival –
      1. There is a homegame on the 8th and nothing is on Saturday. May or June we should be able to find out if the gym is available.
      2. Tailgate theme ideas
      3. We will not orchestrate the movie this year
      4. Insurance company needs to know what we are sponsoring. We need to be very careful with advertising being specific to what group is sponsoring.
      5. Committee consists of Dana, Dawn, Daniel, Larry, Hailey & Sarah. Sarah will send out an email to the group


  • Workshops
    1. Tara Overcast is teaching an Advanced Quickbooks class the 19th & 22nd. 6-7 members interested.  Looking for customer service workshop and Excel.  Craig Lowham from FBMT is an expert
    2. Look for a Facebook expert


  • Update Welcome Packages
    1. Contact business to get updated information, brochures, etc. Possibly have some of these packages available at businesses to disburse. 


  • Havre Elks Club
    1. Contact Sarah and would like to have a meeting here. Or communicate they cover this area.  It was agreed we should have a meeting locally.  Sarah will let them know


  • MemberWorks
    1. Jenn, Brandon and Hayley met. Learned the system is automatic and if it’s not updated, members fall off the list. They are working to get this updated and backtracking to be sure and include all members.  Members can update their information and if they pay with a credit card online, it updates their membership


  • Special Project
    1. Escape Room. A small business the chamber will take on to raise money.  Customers will find clues to solve the mystery and their way out of the room. 
    2. This will draw people to the community
    3. Will buy plans initially, range from $600-$1000. All in expense to get it up and running around $1000-$2000
    4. Several of these rooms have online bookings & waivers. Most businesses charge $20 a person.
    5. Goals
      1. have it done before Sugarbeat Festival.
      2. Put it on our website
      3. Have 2-3 experts
      4. Themes
      5. Cameras, laptop/tablet
      6. Insurance
    6. Daniel motions to approve, Hayley seconds. Approved


Next Meeting: Tentatively March 14, 2018

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