March 2017

Type of Meeting: Monthly Meeting

  1. Call to order

Sarah Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:05pm on March 9, 2017 at the Chamber Office.

  1. Roll call

The following persons were present: Bonnie Weber, Mitzi Cecrle, Jennifer Hellman, Hayley Yost, Heather DePriest, Rob Kelley, Sarah Pratt and Clint Greytak.

  • Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes were approved as posted on the website.

Hayley presented budgets from the previous two years which we will be looking over for the next meeting.

Wells Fargo will be closing their Chinook location and Heather DePriest proposed that we pull our operating account out of Wells Fargo and move to First Bank of MT, Hayley Yost 2nd- Motion passed.

Robert Kelley motions to approve that we pay the bills Mitzi Cecrle 2nd - Motion Passed.

  1. Open issues
  2. Certificates for Memberships: Heather DePriest had an image on her phone of the revised certificates and Jennifer Hellman will be getting these ready to go out to the new members.
  3. By-Laws Committee: Tabled at this time, waiting to get together for a meeting with the committee
  4. License Plate Fundraiser: Heather sent off the approved design to get the process going for the license plate. The application paperwork was sent back and the filing fee was much higher than expected.  We will discuss possible fundraisers to help cover the cost of this.
  5. New Business Welcome: No new businesses at this time, Jennifer will be in contact with Treasure State Title Company
  6. Business After Hours: No Business After Hours in April as of now. State Farm will have one soon in May, and  Jennifer will be in contact with Steve Zellmer with Treasure State Title Company and Rod & Gun club to set up a time for an event.
  7. Digital Ticker Board: Tabled, Sarah is working on this.
  8. Park Equipment: Heather DePriest is working on Grants to help fundraise money for new equipment.
  9. Workshop Schedule for 2017: We are still planning on our Employment laws workshop for March 28th here in Chinook. The next work shop (these are set up quarterly throughout the year) will be Social Media hosted by Heather DePriest, with a tentative date of June 15th.
  10. Hi-Line Arts Trail: Heather said that there is no new news at this time. Poets and Pickers reached out to them on help with their event.
  11. Installation of Banners: Sarah has been in contact with Carson Sweeny at NorthWestern Energy, they would like a map of the streets where we will be hanging up the banners. Heather DePriest said that she has a map that we can have a copy of.  We have an idea for someone to help with a bucket truck, Jennifer will be in contact with them in the next few weeks.  Jim Teele told us that there is an application we will have to fill out so that we can hang banners on US highway 2.  Jennifer Hellman will be drafting up a letter to send out to local businesses for permission to hang either their sponsored banner (if they wish to do so) outside their store front, they will get 1st pick in front of their business for their sponsored sign to hang.  Sponsorship placement will be on a first come first serve basis.  Our reason for the sponsored signs are to upkeep these ones we have purchased, wanting to buy more to hang up on the Highway, and for seasonal banners in the future.  Our Chamber members are receiving a sponsored banner at $100.00.  Robert Kelley moved that all Non Chamber members will receive a sponsorship at the cost of $150.00 per banner, if they wish to do so.  Jenn 2nd this motion- Motion passed.

    New business

  1. Sugarbeet Festival: The Chinook Youth Baseball board is considering taking over the SBF for 2017, with the help of youth football and wrestling. We also had a motion by Jennifer to pay this year’s banner price of $75.00 for our sign at the baseball field, Mitzi 2nd- motion passed.
  2. Christmas Lights: We will be paying the rest of the bill to the City and Thank them for their patience.
  3. New Member Facebook Posts: Hayley will send out an email to each new member to write a little blurb about their business/organization to share on Facebook. Was also discussed to do a throw back Thursday on our recurring members to say a little something about them on facebook.  Sarah will put together an email to be sent out to all of our members.  We also discussed doing a quarterly Newsletter of events going on in town, Jenn and Sarah will work on these.
  4. Fundraiser Ideas: Hayley brought up a lot of different ideas for fund raising ideas. An idea the board ran with was a Farmer Rancher Appreciation night with food and dancing.  Will be reaching out to the fair board and other contacts on this event to get it started.  Another thought was a TBid tax on all hotel rooms, $1.50-$2.00 a night.  The fundraising has been tabled at this time and will discuss more at the next meeting.
  5. Projector: Heather DePriest mentioned wanting to purchase one of our projectors that we had received and it was decided to sell it to her for $70.00
  6. Tables & Chairs: A Blaine county resident called to talk with Jennifer about the possibility of renting out the whole trailer (all tables and chairs) to take to a location in Havre for her daughter’s wedding. We decided with the price of the trailer rental we will not allow the trailer to go any further than 10 miles outside of Blaine County.  The prices for the rental of the trailer will be discussed at the next meeting.
  7. MT Traveler’s Guide 2017: Heather DePriest motioned that we go ahead with our ad for the Traveler’s guide for 2017 at an amount of $400.00, Robert 2nd the motion- motion passed. We will be revising the ad with some new photos and sending it off to the Journal for print.
  8. Plant a Seed Read: We are wanting to get the word out to Blaine County about the wonderful things that their sponsorships do with this program. $35.00 per year buys a book once a month for a child for a whole year until they are 5 years of age.  Mitzi stated that they have been in contact with a few of the local day cares to get sponsors for their children at the daycare to receive books.
  9. Political Standing: Mitzi moved that we will stand down on political things until we are directly affected by them, Hayley 2nds this motion- Motion passed.
  10. Fair board Sponsorship: We have bought a sign that hangs outside of the Grand stands at the Blaine County Fair grounds and our renewal is fast approaching of $500.00. Heather motioned that we pay the $500.00 as it is great support to our local fair, Robert 2nds this motion- Motion passed.


  • Adjournment 8:05pm

Next Meeting: April 13, 2017 at 6pm

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