June 2017

Chinook Chamber of Commerce Meeting Agenda June 8, 2017 6:00pm


Type of Meeting: Monthly Meeting

Call to order
Sarah Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:06pm on June 8, 2017 at the Chamber Office.

Roll call
The following persons were present: Sarah Pratt, Heather DePreist, Hayley Yost, Jennifer Hellman, and guests Allen Pula and Loren Skoyen.

Approval of minutes from last meeting
Hayley approves minutes from website and Heather 2nds, Motion passed.

Treasure’s Report
Bills were read by Hayley Yost.  Heather moves to pay bills and Jenn 2nds, motion passed.


  1. Appreciation Committee Meeting- Larry and Brandon will be going around to businesses to get sponsorships from businesses. The committee discussed asking all Blaine County businesses and they are estimating $7,500.00 in expenses for this event.  Real linens will be on the tables with flowers and wheat in cowboy boots for decorations.  Will have another meeting in the coming month.

Open issues

  1. Sugarbeet Festival- Loren Skoyen and Allen Pula came to our meeting to discuss their plans for an event during the usually scheduled Sugarbeet Festival. It will be a car show called “Show and Shine”.  This will be held at the Blaine county Fairgrounds all day in September (date to be announced).  There will be an appreciation lunch hosted by Dan’s Auto Parts, car show, horseshoe tournament and a drive-in movie at night fall.  Be on the lookout for more information on this event.
  2. Ticker Board- Television needs to be brought to the chamber office and we can start on the setup of the ticker board.
  3. Installation of Banners-Sarah has been keeping in contact with Northwestern energy to get the right dimensions on where we can hang these banners and they will be getting done within the month.
  4. Member Thank you Thursday- No news at this time.
  5. Business After hours- Sweet Medical Center hosted the June After hours and it was a great turnout, serving around 190 people. Thanks so much.  Next after hours will be in August hosted by Loaves and Fishes.  October/November/ December are still open to host an event.
  6. Bonus Booklets- Sarah has been in contact with businesses to get the booklets put together.
  7. New Business Welcome- None at this time
  8. Christmas lights on main street- Jenn has been in contact with Jim at the city of Chinook and Perry Miller to get the Christmas light banner that hangs across main street down. This will be happening within the next few weeks.
  9. Reporter- Tabled until next meeting.

New business

  1. Non-profit Wheels for Wishes- Heather will be in contact with the make a wish to discuss possible options to help out. Was discussed to post on Facebook.
  2. Highway Clean up- Forms will need to be filled out and we will get the cleanup scheduled for August/September
  3. Chamber Employee- Discussing options to fundraise to have a yearly income for an employee to be in our Chamber office part time during the year. Will discuss more at the next meeting.
  4. Fidgit Spinner- Heather brought up the idea to use a fidget spinner for our new fundraiser.  Will have an imprinted Sugarbeeter and the spinner itself will be orange.  Hayley moves to order 100 spinners and will be selling them for $9.99 each.  Jenn 2nds- motion passed.  Heather will get these ordered and we will get selling them as soon as they come in.
  5. Training Workshop- Our next quarterly workshop will be August 15th at the Chamber office on main street.  Heather DePriest with Montana Grafix will be discussing Social Media and how it can benefit your business. Flyers will be getting put together and sent out to the radio and newspaper and hung up around town.
  6. Booth at Blaine County Fair-  We discussed having a booth to promote the Chamber of Commerce but with lack of volunteers we decided to not do it this year and try again for next year.

Hayley motions to adjourn the meeting at 7:45pm Heather 2nds- motion passes.

Adjournment 7:45pm

Next Meeting: July 13th, 2017 at 6pm

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