February 2018

Chinook Chamber of Commerce
Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2018
Type of Meeting: Monthly Meeting
1. Call to order
 Sarah Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:07 pm on February 7, 2018 at the
Chamber Office.

2. Roll call
 The following persons were present: Sarah Pratt, Hayley Yost, Brandon Nissen,
Daniel Dahl, Frank Pehrson, Bonnie Weber, Ellen Savage, Dawn Colby and Dana

3. Approval of minutes from last meeting
 Hayley moves to approve minutes and Bonnie 2nds, motion passed.

4. Treasurer’s Report
 Bills were read by Hayley Yost.  Frank moves to pay bills and Bonnie 2nds,
motion passed.

5. Employee Report
 The Chamber Bucks record keeping/balancing was discussed.  Dawn moves to
simplify the Chamber Bucks’ organizing system, Chamber Bucks giveaways by the
Chamber will be called awards and have any expiration date.  The process will
continue with the way its being done now until the plan is final. Daniel seconds,
motion passed.
 New Member Facebook posts
1. Brandon will start on these.

 Member Thank you posts
1. Brandon will start on these

 Table Mats
1. Brandon will look into other restaurants across the area.

 Coupon App
1. Includes a Rewards Program, Promotions, Area information and events.
We would get a non-profit discount with a fee of $575.00 a year. Bonnie
asked to a business would promote an event on the app/coupon; the
business would contact the chamber. Sarah will build a test app and have
it approved

9. Committee
  Business After Hours
1. Miscellany has committed to hosting on March 15 th and they will partner
with My Neighbor in Need. Treasure State Title is also interested.
2. BAH will be held quarterly unless there is more interest.
 Account Review Committee
1. We will need a non-board Chamber member to be present. Hayley will
work with Kasie to set up a date.

10. Open Issues
 Digital ticker board
1. Daniel had it set up but it was obstructing the window. Want to get a
wall mount so it can swivel.

 Membership letter
1. These were sent out via mass mailing.

11. New Business
 Sugarbeet Festival
1. Daniel motions to have the festival on the weekend of September 8 th .
Brandon seconds, motion passed. Sarah will set the date with the city.
2. HWY 2 – Don’t forget the outskirts. Activities discussed were Scavenger
or Treasure Hunts to get people to more businesses.
3. Napa is interested in having their traditional breakfast
4. Look for indoor options for bad weather
5. BBQ, horseshoe tournament

6. Have a ride to take people up and down the streets for activities. Frank
motions to ask Red’s or Tilleman’s to loan a side by side to transport
people and allow them a free spot in the parade for advertising.

 Farmers/Rancher Night
1. Held in October at the fairgrounds.

 Workshops
1. We will ask Tara Overcast- who is recently Quickbooks certified to teach
an Advanced Quickbooks class in March/April preferably two sessions.
Dawn and Sarah will get this set up.
2. Look for a Facebook expert to teach a class
 Update Welcome Packages
1. Contact business to get updated information, brochures, etc. Possibly
have some of these packages available at businesses to disburse.

 What can we do for businesses?
1. We discussed some ideas that can add more benefits to businesses. We
will continue working on these.

12. Adjournment
 Daniel adjourned and Frank seconds, meeting adjourned.

Adjournment 7:20pm
Next Meeting: March 14, 2018

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