February 2017



6:08 pm Meeting was called to order by President Sarah Pratt.

Regular Board meeting took place at the Chamber office on main street.


In attendance: Robert Kelley, Heather DePriest, Frank Pehrson, Bonnie Weber, Hayley Yost, Sarah Pratt and Jennifer Hellman.

Guest: Casey Overturff



-Approval of Minutes

-Treasurer’s Report

Old Business:

-License Plate Fundraiser Update

-New Business Welcome: Treasure State Title Company- When

-Business After Hours – Jennifer Hellman

-Banner Sponsorship (year vs once)-Sarah

-City of Chinook Bill from Lights- Heather DePriest


-Chamber Meeting Times

-Commissioners Highway- Status

-Digital ticker board (Something like risedisplay.com or newcitymedia.com)

-Waddell and Reed thank you, plus free membership- Heather

-Add New member information on FB as a post: Have the new member write a blurb they want posted


New Business

-Park equipment- Lions Club-Grant work- Jennifer (Richard Cronk)

-Workshop schedule for 2017

-Installation of banners- Heather DePriest

-Certificates for memberships- Revise layout

-By-laws committee

-Hi-Line Arts trail -Rosie Goldrich: Heather DePriest



Frank Pehrson, Moved to approve the minutes from the January 2016 meeting and Robert Kelley 2nd the motion- Motion Passed.


Treasurers Report-

Bonnie Weber motions to approve that we pay the bills Frank Pehrson 2nd - Motion Passed.



License Plate Fundraiser- Discussion on plate design was held on two different colors for the plate design.  There was a motion by Bonnie Weber to approve the orange plate, diamond plated back, and my406.net- Robert Kelley 2nd- motion passed.

New Business Welcome: Treasure State Title Company- Wait until this summer and Jenn will contact them.

Business After Hours – American Lutheran Church is scheduled for March.  Robert talked with Bear Paw Meats/Livestock about hosting an event and they will be in touch with us.  Frank Pehrson brought up the possibility of having an event for the Rod & Gun club at the new range, when the weather gets warmer as there is no heat in building.

Banner Sponsorship-  We discussed the specifics of the Banner Sponsorships for main street and highway.  Robert made a motion to have In memory sponsorship pay $175.00 for a 5 year term (Since they will need to be fixed after 5 years) and Business/Organizations pay $100.00 per year- Heather 2nd- Motion Passed.  Jenn will be in contact with Steve at the Blaine County Journal to get an article written up to get the word out there on the sponsorships.

City of Chinook Bill from Lights- Sarah took a $500.00 check into the City and discussed with Carol on the cost of the bill for the Christmas lights that we were not approached about a cost on things.  Was decided that we will have Heather DePriest contact Jim Teel on the bill for the snowflake light upkeep for previous years.

Banquet- Was a great turnout of members and some guests attended as well.  Russell Nemetz did a great job as a speaker and the food that Doug Mitchell prepared was amazing.

Chamber Meeting Times- Moving the Chamber meeting times has been done quite a bit lately in hopes to get more people at our meetings.  We discussed and decided that we will be moving the Business After Hours Event to the 1st Thursday of each month and have the Monthly Chamber meet the 2nd Thursday of each month.  We will continue to do the dinners for the next few months.

Commissioners Highway- No new news at this time, just that it was put on hold for the time being.

Digital ticker board-Tabled, Sarah is working on this.

Waddell and Reed- plus free membership- Jennifer will be contacting Waddell and Reed in Havre to personally thank them for the gifted furniture and send them a thank you and a free Membership of the Chinook Chamber of Commerce.


Park equipment- Lions Club-Grant work- Heather will stay in contact with Richard Cronk on this item.

Workshop schedule for 2017- Discussion on having some more workshops here in Chinook in the coming months.  We would like to have these scheduled quarterly.  1). Employment Laws is something that we will have in the next month, Heather will be in contact with Carol at the Job Service and we will try for March 28th or 30th.  2). Darcy Solomon from Havre is a Senior Accountant at Wipfli.  Darcy does an Advanced Quickbooks class for 30 people at a set price of $200.00.  Kasie McIntosh was brought up as a possibility of a basic Quickbooks class if she is interested.  Heather said that she is willing to teach a few classes this year as well.  3).Google course and 4).Social Media, are great subjects for local businesses to learn about.  With these classes all Current members may attend for free, and non-members will have a small fee of $10.00 per class.

Installation of banners- Frank said that he has been in contact with Larry, when he gets back to Chinook they will get together to go over installation of the banners.  Was discussed to talk with Perry with Miller Bros. Tree Service to see if they would be willing to help install these banners when we are ready.  In return we would like to give them a free membership for their help.

Certificates for memberships- Slight revision will be made on the certificates for each category of memberships.  Full members will still get the plaques as a thank you for their support, Non-profit and Associate (Home based businesses) will receive a certificate in a frame for their memberships, and individual members will still receive the standard certificate.

By-laws committee- By-Law committee will be Sarah Pratt, Heather DePriest, Hayley Yost and Jennifer Hellman.  Jenn will set a time that will work for the group and get started on the revision.

Hi-Line Arts trail – They are looking for a representative from our area for their committee.  Was discussed, but no one offered to be on the committee, still looking for someone.

St. Mary’s Dam project- They are looking for funds to help out with the documentary that they need to make to present what needs to be fixed at the dam/canal.  Total cost for this documentary is $41,000.00.  Their goal is to make the public aware of the necessity of the Milk River and St. Mary’s Dam.  We tabled at this time to figure out our budget and will send out an email for a vote on sending $1000.00 to help fund this project.

Audit-  We will be having our annual audit February 15th at 5:00pm at American Garage.  Jenn will be in contact with Kasie McIntosh and the rest of the board to get this set up.

Insurance-  Jenn presented to the board a quote on Liability Insurance for our board and with the total being $743.00 per year, we cannot fit this in our budget at this time.  Will discuss in the future.

Memberships- Memberships are coming in strong at this time, but it is still early.  Will be expecting to see more in the coming weeks.

Tables & Chairs- A Chinook resident contacted Jenn about the possibility of taking the trailer with the tables, chairs and tent out of Blaine county.  Jenn presented this to the board and there was unanimous no to taking these out of Blaine County.  Hayley did mention she knows some rental places in that area and will be in contact with the person.

Bonnie Weber moved to end the meeting and Frank Pehrson 2nd- Motion passed


Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m. Next meeting will take place March 9th 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Chinook Chamber Office.


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