August 2017

Chinook Chamber of Commerce
Meeting Agenda
August 10, 2017
Type of Meeting: Monthly Meeting

I.      Call to order

Jennifer Hellman, acting President, called the meeting to order at 6:15pm on August 10, 2017 at the Chamber Office.  President Sarah Pratt and Vice President Rob Kelley were absent.

II.      Roll call

The following persons were present: Jennifer Hellman, Hayley Yost, Mitzi Cecrle, Heather DePreist, Larry Surber, and Frank Pehrson.

III.      Approval of minutes from last meeting

Larry motions to approve minutes from website and Frank 2nd, Motion passed.

IV.      Treasure’s Report

Bills were read by Hayley Yost.  Heather moves to pay bills and Larry 2nds, motion passed.

V.      Committee

a.       Appreciation Committee Meeting - Flyers are done and will be printed to be taken around Chinook, Harlem, Zurich and Turner.  Larry and Brandon will go to businesses within the next few days to get sponsors.  Next committee meeting is set for Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 at 12:00 pm and will be held at the Chinook Chamber office on Main Street.

b.      Business After hours- Loaves and Fishes hosted the August After Hours event and was a great turnout.  State Farm will be held the 2nd Thursday in September


VI.      Open issues

a)      Show & Shine- This event will be held on September 23rd, and will be put on by the Blaine County Cruisers.  There will be an appreciation lunch hosted by Dan’s Auto Parts, car show, horseshoe tournament and a drive-in movie at nightfall.  Be on the lookout for more information on this event.

b)      Ticker Board- Television is at the Chamber office and needs to be hooked up.

c)      Installation of Banners- Awaiting approval by NorthWestern Energy to hang signs on the poles in town.  Heather will be in contact with Carson and Perry to finish the installation within the next few weeks.

d)      Member Thank you Thursday - Hayley has contacted ACE Hardware and will be putting up our first Thank you Thursday within the next week.

e)      Bonus Booklets- No news on the booklets, but Heather discussed possibly making an app.  Monthly cost to have this app on Apple, Android, Windows, Amazon, and Blackberry will be $15.00 per month. This would be free for businesses to advertise and free for the consumer to download. We will discuss this at a later date.

f)       New Business Welcome- None at this time

g)      Reporter- Was brought up that maybe we could talk with a local individual to possibly help with this position.

h)      Highway Cleanup- Tabled until next Spring.

i)        Fidgit Spinners- Fidgit spinners are in and are posted on our website for sale.  We have sold at least a quarter of the 100 that we bought.  We have distributed them to the board to sell as well.

VII.      New business

a)      Monthly Happenings email- Jenn has started sending out an email about what is going on in Chinook in the upcoming months.  So far good response on it, so we will continue to do this.

b)      Fundraiser/Promotional Items- Jenn brought a few items that would be great money makers for the Chamber.  Coffee mugs, license plate covers and new magnets.  There was a motion by Frank to order the License plate covers and new Beeter magnets at a total cost of $615.00 and was 2nd by Hayley, motion passed.  Heather will get them posted on our online shop on our website as soon as they are done.

c)      Shop Local form- We are in need of more of the Shop Local forms, Jennifer will reach out to the Journal to get more of these ordered and distributed.

d)     Ronan letter- Jenn received an email from a lady in Ronan, MT asking about the Car show at the Sugarbeet Festival.  Was wondering about other car shows and stated the lack of volunteers in the reason behind a lot of these events dying off.  She stated that their main street as well as their Chamber is dying off as well.  Jenn emailed her back to let her know if there was anything we could do to help just to reach out to us.

Frank motions to adjourn the meeting, motion died due to a lack of a 2nd.

e)      Chamber Employee - We discussed that we need more help with Chamber duties.  There needs to be someone who is dedicated to growth and development of Chinook.  It was discussed to look for a part time Chamber employee.  Heather volunteered to write a job description for this and we will be getting it publicized as soon as possible along with sending to the Havre Job Service.  We have decided to pay this person $8.25 per hour, 15 hours a week at the Chamber office.  List of job credentials will be listed on our website.  We have a list of possible candidates for this position, we will reach out to them to gauge their level of interest.

Heather motions to adjourn the meeting, motion died due to a lack of a 2nd.

Board of Directors: There was discussion initiated about the lack of attendance and participation from all members of the board.  There have been a select few individuals who have been carrying a bulk of the weight on the board, and it was discussed that something has to change.

The current Vice President has missed 3 consecutive meetings resulting in the discussion of removal from the board.  After a long discussion Frank motioned to remove Rob Kelley from the board for missing 3 of the last scheduled meetings as stated in our By-Laws.  Mitzi 2nd – motion passed.  We will be sending a letter to Robert on his dismissal from the board.  Sarah will be out due to complications with her pregnancy for a short time.  After deliberation of who to have step in during her brief absence, Frank motioned to have Larry Surber as the interim President and Heather DePriest as the interim vice President until Sarah’s health is back to normal, and a replacement has been found for the Vice President position, Mitzi 2nd – motion passed.

Franks motions to adjourn the meeting, Mitzi 2nd – motion passed.

Adjournment 8:05pm

Next Meeting: September 7th, 2017 at 6pm


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