April 2017

Call to order

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Open issues

  1. Tables & Chairs- Rental equipment
  2. Fundraiser ideas
  3. By-laws committee
  4. Digital ticker board
  5. Park equipment March update
  6. Installation of banners
  7. New member information on FB as a post
  8. New Business Welcome- Need a committee
  9. Business After Hours – Jennifer Hellman
  10. SBF

New business

  1. Shop local
  2. $’s at work sheet
  3. Bear Paw Meats
  4. Bonus Books
  5. Rodeo Sponsorship ($800)
  6. Quickbooks for Office

Meeting Agenda

April 13, 2017


Type of Meeting: Monthly Meeting

  1. Call to order

Sarah Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:04pm on April 13, 2017 at the Chamber Office.

  1. Roll call

The following persons were present: Bonnie Weber, Mitzi Cecrle, Jennifer Hellman, Hayley Yost, Heather DePriest, Rob Kelley, Sarah Pratt, Larry Surber and guest Daniel Dahl.

  • Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes were approved as posted on the website.

  1. Treasure’s Report

Hayley presented bills to be paid, there were a few that had questions on them.  She called the businesses and found that one was not our bill and the other was an ad we had agreed on a different price, got that switched.

Sarah and Heather will go into Wells Fargo to close our account as they will be closing at the end of the month.

Bonnie Weber motions to approve that we pay the bills Heather DePriest 2nd - Motion Passed.

Open issues

Table and Chair- We will be getting together to put together a budget to fix the trailer that holds the tables and chairs, as it is not road worthy for anywhere but in Blaine county.

Fundraiser ideas- Was discussed that we will be doing The Farmer Rancher Appreciation night as a fundraiser this year.  Date is slated for October 21st 2017, at the Commercial building at the Blaine County fairgrounds.  There will be a committee meeting held April 26th at 6pm to go over details of what needs to be done to plan for this fundraiser.  Committee members include Larry, Mitzi and Robert.  Jenn will be in contact with a few community members that use to help with this event and bring their information to the meeting.  Hayley has also talked with Jay Pyette with the MAT theatre and they expressed interest in helping out with entertainment for the event.

By-Laws- Committee met and the by-laws are in the process of being revised,  Sarah is working on typing them up and presenting them at the next meeting.

Ticker Board- Heather said that she has a power point she had made for the Annual banquet at the beginning of this year and it was discussed to use this when we get the TV up and running.

Park Equipment- Heather has been in contact with the Lions board on the updating of the park equipment.  This will be taking place by the end of the summer.  Heather has reached out with Richard Cronk on some grant ideas to help with the cost of new equipment.  She will update us at the next meeting.

Installation of Banners-Still in the process of working with NorthWestern Energy on the installation of these banners and if there will be a conflict with the Christmas lights that we have hung up.  Miller Bros Tree Service has agreed to help us hang banners when the time comes.  Jennifer sent out an email to Chamber members on the sponsorship of the banners that we will be hanging up.  We have a few businesses interested in sponsoring some of the banners.

Member Thank you Thursday- Hayley sent out an email to our Chamber members on getting in touch with her on writing up a blurb on their business so that we can promote their business and send out a thank you to them for being valued members.

New Business Welcome- We will be welcoming Treasure State title company on April 20th.  Sarah, Hayley and Heather will be in attendance that day.  We would like to see a committee of Chamber members to get together and welcome mew businesses as they come into town. If a member is interested in helping please reach out to info@chinookmontana.com

Business After hours- State Farm will be waiting to do an event later in the year.  Edwards Funeral home has decided to take the spot on May 4th for an event to welcome Daniel Dahl.  Rod and Gun club is still talking about doing an event as well.

Sugarbeet Festival- Rob said that the Baseball talked more about taking this event on and they do not have the time or man power at this time.  Jennifer mentioned that Loren Skoyen expressed interest in starting a Car show/Horse shoe tournament during that weekend instead of the festival.  We will be in touch with him for more updates.


New business

Shop Local- Jennifer mentioned she talked to the Secretary of the Malta Chamber of Commerce about some ideas for shopping local campaigns.  Lots of ideas to be discussed but nothing planned at this time.

Dollars at Work- Heather has put together a new Dollars at work to be distributed to businesses in Chinook to hand out with things that their customers buy.  Was motioned to get 1,000 copies of these made up by Frank and Mitzi 2nd motion passed.  Sarah will sent out a bid request to Blaine County Journal and Montana Grafix to see which one had the best price.

Bonus Booklets- Was discussed that we will be doing the Bonus booklets again this year, but we are wanting to print less of them and offer local businesses that cannot put ads in them a sponsorship to help with printing of these.  Also they will be able to buy ads in the books as well.  We would like to get businesses to change their coupons up a bit to try and get more interest in the booklets.

Bear Paw Roundup- Sarah brought up that the Bear Paw Round up is looking for sponsorships for their rodeo this year.  $800.00 is the sponsorship.  Frank moved to let the rodeo use our tables and chairs for free and place an ad in their book (Sarah will check on a price)  Larry 2nd, motion passed.  Sarah will be in contact with Greg Mosness.

Chamber Computer- Heather will be taking our office computer into Will's Computer support to help boost the ram on it so that it runs better.  We also discussed getting Quickbooks for the Chamber office.  Heather found a great price on a downloadable version for $219.95  Jenn moved to purchase this version of Quickbooks rob 2nd, Motion passed. Hayley will be ordering.

Tables & Chairs: A Blaine county resident called to talk with Jennifer about the possibility of renting out the whole trailer (all tables and chairs) to take to a location in Havre. We decided with the price of the trailer rental we will not allow the trailer to go any further than 10 miles outside of Blaine County.  The prices for the rental of the trailer will be discussed at the next meeting.


  • Adjournment 7:30pm

Next Meeting: May 11th, 2017 at 6pm

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