2017 January



6:34 pm Meeting was called to order by President Sarah Pratt.


Regular Board meeting took place at the Chamber office on main street.


In attendance: Heather DePriest, Frank Pehrson, Jayne Morrow, Robert Kelley, Bonnie Weber, Hayley Yost, Sarah Pratt and Jennifer Hellman



-Approval of Minutes

-Treasurer’s Report

Old Business:

-License Plate Fund Raiser

-New Business Welcome

-Banner Setup

-Business After Hours and Flyers


New Business

-Chamber Meeting times

-Receipts for Memberships

-All Class Reunion



Treasurers Report-

BPCU (Battlefield Account) $25.44

FB SBF Account $3,197.80

FB Chamber Bucks $6,820.00

FB Operating $13,050.98

FB Tables and Chairs $3.060.37

Wells Fargo Operating $169.15

Heather motions to approve that we pay the bills Bonnie 2nds- Motion Passed.


Frank Pehrson Moved to approve the minutes from the December meeting and Hayley Yost 2nd the motion- Motion Passed.


Committee For License Plates- Need to Reschedule the meeting to get the design finalized.  This is going to be a great fundraiser for the Chamber.  Committee will consist of Jenn, Bonnie, Janye, Hayley, Sarah and Heather.


New Businesses/Members-  Treasure State Title Company has taken over Pauli Miller’s business, Bear Paw Title Insurance company.  Jenn has been in contact with Steve Zellmer on being welcomed to the community and asked if he would like to host a Business After Hours event.  It was decided that we will welcome them closer to the end of the year.


Banner Setup- A sample banner showed up and everything is good to go for ordering more of them.  It was discussed about the sponsorships to help pay for the banners.  Frank motioned to approve getting sponsors on the banners of $100.00 per person/business/organization, Robert 2nds- Motion Passed.  Jenn will send out an email to the community for possible sponsors.  End of March will be a great time to get banners hung up, as the weather is frigid cold at this time.  We will be in contact with Sara Griffith when we decide to hang them up.


Business After Hours-  Our event schedule is open until June (Sweet Medical Center) July we take off as it is too busy during that time to host an event, August (Loaves and Fishes) and we have openings till the end of the year.  Jenn, Bonnie and Rob will be in contact with a list of possible businesses to host the next few months after hours.  We will report back on this next month.


Banquet- This weekend will be our Annual Banquet, Russell Nemetz and Chuck Hewitt are our guest speakers.  Everything is coming together wonderfully.  Bonnie is working on door prizes,  we will have to check that we have drink cups and napkins to use at the dinner, and table clothes for decorations.  We have Doug Mitchell cooking for us this year and we are expecting 100 people.


Chamber Meeting times-  Discussion was held on having a lunchtime or evening meetings.  After a long discussion it was decided that we would try a Wednesday meeting at 6:00 p.m.  The Chamber will be hosting a dinner meeting that night in hopes of getting more people to come to our meetings.  After the meeting in February we will be asking for a donation during these dinner meetings to help cover the cost of meals.


Receipts for memberships-  Jennifer has an updated quickbooks that allows her to email invoices to our members.


CHS All Class Reunion-  There has been a lot of talk about the All Class Reunion and it is slated for July of 2019.  Planning will start this summer and anyone can contact them at info@chsallclassreunion.com


Commissioners Letter on Highway- Heather brought up that the state of MT is planning on putting in a round-a-bout at the intersections of Highways 200, 87 and 19 North of Grass Range.  The commissioners are looking to get a letter from our Chamber to the State of MT on what our thoughts on this plan are.  There will be a meeting held on January 18th, 2017 at 7pm at the Lewistown Community Center.  If we are not able to attend we have a list of emails we will be able to contact on our opinions.  Frank Pehrson moved to send a letter- but was tabled as Jayne Morrow would like to look into this issue a bit more and see what the full plan is.


Heather DePriest moved to end the meeting and Frank Pehrson 2nds- Motion passed


Meeting adjourned at 7:46 p.m.

Next meeting will take place Feburary 8th 2017 at 6:0 p.m. at the Chinook Chamber Office.

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