2016 May

Chinook Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Minutes

May 5, 2016

  1. Call to order

Heather DePriest called the meeting to order at 6:07pm on May 5, 2016 at the Chamber Office.

  1. Roll call

The following persons were present: Heather DePriest, Brandon Nissen, Jennifer Hellman, Larry Surber, Anne Boothe, Frank Pehrson, and Sarah Pratt.

  • Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes were approved as posted on the website.

  1. Treasure’s Report

BPCU Savings $25.44

FB SBF $14,916.55

FB Operating $1,918.69

Wells Fargo Operating $166.15

FB Chamber Bucks $4,070.00

WF Tables and Chairs $5,239.12

Jenn presented the list of last year members who did not renew. Sarah will work on letters to send out, Frank moved and Brandon 2nd.

  1. Open issues
  2. License Plate Fundraiser- Heather will get to it, she promises. Anne Boothe says it is about $4,000 start-up costs just for information.
  3. New Businesses- Kitty Wines is a new realtor. We will revisit next month. Brooke Skoyen who is a massage therapist- may be getting a store front location.
  4. Business After Hours- Finley’s is this month. Sweet Medical Center is June. Chinook Wildlife Museum is August. November and December are still open. Administrator is still up in the air.
  5. Shelving Units- Wanting to wait until the doors are one the current shelves.
  6. Chamber Bucks gear (Local money flyer, sticker welcome, etc)- Heather designed a design for a static cling sticker to put around town. Heather will bring a bid for the next meeting. Jenn typed up a shop local flyer for around town.
  7. Bonus Books- Montana Grafix won the bid and will be completed on Tuesday to send out. We are printing 100.
  8. Training Workshops- Submit a request to Triangle for an Excel Workshop, it is on their website to submit a form. We plan to host it June 13th and 15th. Sarah will work on marketing.
  9. Banner Sale- Jenn- Larry will look at ordering a clamp to try and replicate.
  10. New business
  11. Todd Klassy- Heather- His plans are coming together and will be great for Chinook. He wants to incorporate the Chamber to help get the word out.
  12. Order New Tables?-Larry/Jenn- We need Seven 8ft tables. $149 for 6 foot and $249 for 8 foot from www.bylifetime.com. Sarah moved and Frank 2nd. Jenn will purchase.
  13. Malta Mentor Program-Sarah- Get the survey out there. Larry and Sarah will walk it around between May 16-22nd. We will also do Survey Monkey, Anne said we could use their account.
  14. Montana Magazine- Jennifer- Sarah can check to see if they are writing an article or if it is just an add. We will do a quarter page ad ($150) for the Sugarbeet festival and Parade of Lights. Sarah moved and Frank 2nd.
  15. Wells Fargo Banking- Jennifer- Anne moved to allow the Treasurer to move the accounts from Wells Fargo to First bank for ease of use for the Chamber. Brandon 2nd and it passed.
  16. Tricia’s Trader Travel Guide deadline May 25- Sarah will pursue to put Sugarbeet festival up to $125 worth of ad space. Frank moved. Jenn 2nd.
  17. Update on Sugarbeet Festival- Sugarbeet festival is Railroad theme and is September 23-24th. The Chamber feels Mitzi is too busy this year to be the administrator. Sarah moved to remove Mitzi as admin and Brandon 2nd—passed. Sarah moves to pitch the idea to Haley Yost to be the event planner before Heather talks to Mitzi, Jenn 2nd—passed. Heather will send a board wide email when complete so we can schedule a special meeting. Heather said she contacted someone who has a mobile train that they will bring down for display. Bring in Chinook Railroad employees. Event ideas: Havre railroad museum for display, track set-up, Thomas the Train, Kids train race (sort of like a car race), Conductors walking around, Railroad hats for the kids, Train whistle with Sugarbeeter on it. We need bleachers for the festival. Frank moves to buy one set of three row bleachers, Sarah 2nd—passed.
  18. Chamber Employee- Use the list of volunteers to do an hour or two to sit in the office. Sarah could be in here 1 to 3pm.
  19. MEDA (Montana Economic Developers Association) Needs Assessment process and the Governor's Business Road Show- Anne Boothe—Suggesting that Chinook bring MEDA in to see what the town needs. It takes a letter from City officials to MEDA (the gym?) engage Bear Paw Development because they would be a great resource. Anne suggested Malta and Chinook teaming up for the Governor’s Business Road Show.
  20. Mike Inman- Plaque- Jennifer- We need to order him a plaque as well as TJ Overcast.
  21. Highway Cleanup- June 4th conflicts with the Rod and Gun Club fishing day. We need to pick a new date next meeting.

Sugarbeet Festival Suggestions

Send Night at the Museum invitations to school on Friday with kids.

Move Night at the Museum to 8:30 or 8:00 p.m. instead of 9:00.

Make sure we talk to Finley's about shutting off lights at the store.

Seating on Main Street - possible bleachers?

When listing sponsors, put the Hi-Line Tavern Association instead of Mint Bar

In 2015, the BBQ served 200 people - should plan for 275ish.

Tables and chairs for people to sit and eat at during the day

Have all of the ribbons, Chamber Bucks, and coins in envelopes with event name, place, etc. before the event.

Have announcers stand separate from live music trailer if possible.

Order vinyl banner for Napa and Hi-Line Tavern Association when ordering banners (also NCMSGA and Cattlewoman).

Look-a-like contest should be discontinued.

Some sandwich boards should be made/purchased to place throughout the festival, directing participants to activities/events.

The music should be moved to the other side of the street (Finley's)

More helpers are needed, especially during the parade to keep kids from running into the street.  Possibly contact volunteers from the membership drive.

About 30 more wasp catchers are needed.

One or 2 people should announce events all day long (Kevin Elias).

The Chamber would like to have 8 or 10 8 foot tables to put out.


Chamber Christmas Tree for next year - Jenn would like to explore the possibility of purchasing one of the trees from the Festival of Trees for the Chamber next year.


Parade of Lights/Festival of Trees Suggestions

Smaller trees - 5' or less

Dennis Lkeinjan and Larry Surber both for teams/wagon rides if nice

Sled races - use hill by Ham's Self Storage - make sure to get at least 6 adults and preferrably some barracades to stop traffic.

2017 Annual Banquet - January 21 or 28.  Russell Nemetz Speaker.
Bleachers – Heather is looking for bleachers.

  • Adjournment

Heather DePriest adjourned the meeting at 7:58pm.

Next meeting: June 2nd, 2016

Minutes submitted by:  Sarah Pratt

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