2016 August

Chinook Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Agenda

August 4, 2016


Type of Meeting: Monthly Meeting

  1. Call to order

Heather DePriest called the meeting to order at 6:05pm on August 4, 2016 at the Chamber Office.

  1. Roll call

The following persons were present: Heather DePriest, Jennifer Hellman, Mitzi Cecerle, Larry Surber, Frank Pehrson, Gary Anderson, and Sarah Pratt.

  • Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes were approved as posted on the website. Frank moved, Larry Seconded. Passed

  1. Treasure’s Report

BPCU Savings $25.44

FB SBF $14,366.27

FB Operating $178.88

Wells Fargo Operating $166.15

FB Chamber Bucks $3,800

FB Tables and Chairs $2,820.83

Jenn presented the bills. Larry moves to pay bills and Mitzi 2nd.

  1. Open issues
  2. License Plate Fundraiser Update- Heather will email this out.
  3. New Businesses Update- Heather will visit with Timber Mountain
  4. Bonus Books sold: We have sold a few. We will promote at Sugarbeet Festival.
  5. Training Workshops: Been speaking with Triangle for the Excel workshop. Waiting for their monthly meeting. We need an advanced Quickbooks class that is split in two. Dutch oven cooking class- Sarah will confirm with Extension Office.
  6. Banner Setup- Frank moves to buy 6 banners and brackets and Mitzi 2nds—it passes. Heather will email out 4 Welcome to Chinook designs and have a mailing voting poll. We hope to have Sugarbeet and Festival of Lights signs in the future.
  7. New business
  8. Update on Sugarbeet Festival- None
  9. Bleachers – Sugarbeet Festival-Heather: Sarah moves to purchase a bleacher set for under $1,100 that is around 3 rows 8 ft long that is tip and roll. Larry seconds and the motion passes.
  10. Check for the Battlefield: The Chamber sent $25 to the Battlefield committee. We will void the check and write a new check to Stuart MacKenzie to reimburse for postage expenses the Battlefield Committee uses regularly. Frank moves and Sarah 2nds. Passes
  11. Tourism Grant Program- This is about bringing community leaders together to find out our needs. MEDA would come October 6th. It would cost us $1,500 (covers lodging, meals, and advertising for the group). We can ask $500 for Triangle to grant. We could ask Blaine County, City of Chinook, and Bear Paw Development to help with the expense. Sarah moves to pursue this project and asking for money and Mitzi seconds—it passes.
  12. Survey- Larry and Sarah will work on passing these out this month. Sarah will ask Anne for the Survey Monkey
  13. Static Clings: 150 - 4" x 6" static clings full color are $108.98 (printed on the side that faces out the window - clings to the inside of the window). Sarah moves to purchase 150 and Jenn 2nds. Passes. Heather will send the design to the board.
  14. Paypal Credit card reader $14. General idea. Look at a chipped swipe reader for better protection. Heather will send the information.
  15. Digital ticker board (Something like risedisplay.com or newcitymedia.com). Sarah will pursue prices.
  16. Booths at other events-Jenn- Booth for Chamber at Sugarbeet. We want more of a presence to get the word out. Maybe get some display boards. Get a polo shirt to have at the office to let people use them when they help. Jenn will stop by fiveheads to look for new shirts.
  17. Donate shirts to Haitian Orphanage- Jenn: We donated all our left over shirts to turn them to diapers.
  18. Trainings: coupon savings training, and Triangle Computer Class
  19. Chamber Computer and Equipment – Heather: Frank will donate his monitor and keyboard to the Chamber. $399 for the Computer through Office Depot. Frank moves to purchase the Computer and Printer for $329 (and the $300 from Triangle). Jenn 2nd. Passes


Parade of Lights/Festival of Trees Suggestions

Smaller trees - 5' or less

Dennis Kleinjan and Larry Surber both for teams/wagon rides if nice

Sled races - use hill by Ham's Self Storage - make sure to get at least 6 adults and preferably some barricades to stop traffic.

2017 Annual Banquet - January 21 or 28.  Russell Nemetz Speaker.
Bleachers – Heather is looking for bleachers.

FOT basket submissions need itemized list of items in basket and clear cover

  • Adjournment 7:35pm

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