2013 October

Minutes October 9th, 6:00 PM Chamber Building

Current Agenda reads as follows:

Treasurers Report-Jennifer Hellman
Bear Paw Battlefield-Heather DePriest
Fairground Improvements-Heather DePriest
Garbage Cans-Larry Surber
Chamber Trailer Insurance-Tomi Simenson
Food Vendor-Jennifer Hellman
Event Insurance July 3rd-6th 2014-Heather and Jennifer
Setting up the Festival of Trees-
Business after hours-Jennifer Hellman
Chamber memberships-Heather DePriest and Jennifer Hellman
Decorating the park-Barb

Larry Surber
Rita Surber
Tomi Simenson
Nancy Demiert
Jennifer Hellman
Keri Hanson
Max Hofeldt

Lori Swanson
Carol Depriest
Barry Murnion
Craig Loham

Minutes were read and approved


Bear Paw Battlefield - No new information at this time.

Fairgrounds - No new information at this time.

Garbage Cans
- Ben Parsons is working on building the remaining two.


Tables and Chairs- Jennifer received an email saying that the tables and chairs were going to be needed for an estate sale and would be used for 5 days. Discussion was held about what to charge. Rita made the motion that we would charge her for 2 days and she would be able to keep them for 5. Barry reported that the Rod & Gun club used 22 8ft tables, 12 6ft, and 33 chairs. Discussion was held about what the final price would be to charge them. Rita moved to charge the $150 non-profit price, and Nancy 2nd it. Larry will be taking on the responsibility of checking tables in and out. He will also be looking into getting scrap carpet to place between tables in the trailer to keep from rusting.

Chamber Insurance- There is still no new information at this time.

Sugarbeet Festival - Max reported that the grocery expense for the barbeque was $1,300, and we should profit a little over $1,000. There wasn’t anyone available to help with tables and chairs after the Barbeque, so it was noted that there should be a table moving crew for next year. Rita is putting a book together for the grant. The book includes pictures of all the advertising and a profit and loss report. Thank you gifts for the business’s will be handed out. Overall everyone was very happy with the event this year it was a great turnout and a great success. The Team Sorting had a good turnout despite the weather, and discussion was held about bringing back the car show for next year. Jennifer also reported that she will no longer be in charge of the vendors. It was agreed to pay Rita $1,000 for managing the event.

Parade of Lights and Christmas Stroll- Carol DePriest will be in charge of the Festival of Trees this year, and we will also be in need of someone to be in charge of vendors. Since it is such short notice to try and find someone to take over vendors, discussion was held about letting only vendors come that would be using it as a fundraiser. Also discussed what organization the money for the Festival of Trees would be going towards such as PAWS, Garden Club, or food pantry. It was decided that we would have a separate meeting for the Parade of Lights on October 23rd at 6:30 PM at First Bank to start working on planning the event.

Treasurers Report:
BPCU CTEP checking $14657.95
BPCU Savings $25.05
SBF First Bank of MT $6,485.73
Wells Fargo Operating $9,765.73
Chamber Bucks -$3,280.00 (these are still out, have not been redeemed)
WF Christmas Lights $142.00
Wells Fargo Tables and Chairs $2,484.00

Bills were read and approved. Carol made a motion to have Jennifer pay all the bills as they come in pertaining to the Sugarbeet Festival, Nancy 2nd it.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM

Next meeting is scheduled for November 13th at 6:00 PM at First Bank.

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