2013 January

Minutes January 19th, 2013  - Chamber Office - 7 p.m.

Current Agenda reads as follows:
Signs Outside of Town - Committee - Chuck Hewitt/Kelcey Diemert/Max Hofeldt
CTEP - Keith Hanson/Heather DePriest
Bear Paw Battlefield - Heather DePriest
2013 Memberships
Fairgrounds Improvements - Heather DePriest
Treasurers Report - Jennifer Hellman
New Garbage Cans (In Front of Eagles - Need 2 More)
Sugarbeet Stencil from CHS Ag Class (Robin Jirovsky) - Heather DePriest
Annual Banquet
Chamber Trailer - Pigtails and Jack/Tire
TV for Visitors Center - Jay
Audit - Heather
SEGP Grant - Heather

Larry Surber
Frank Pehrson
Max Hofeldt
Heather DePriest
Keri Hanson
Lori Swanson
Tomi Simenson
Jenn Hellman
Bonnie Weber
Jay Eslick

Austin Swanson
Bree Swanson

Minutes were read and approved with the corrections noted of $13,828 in CTEP account instead of $13,8248.


The signage has been tabled still since the input we received from Krystal Steinmetz regarding CTEP.  Heather will work directly with Krystal on this project.    (Note that says “Signage - max moved bonnie 2nd approved)???

Krystal Steinmetz of CTEP has the proposal written and ready to send into the State for approval.  As soon as it is approved, we are hoping to begin construction on the sidewalks this coming summer/fall.

Central Montana - Larry spoke with Shannon VanVoast and she will be joining the Russell Country Board.

Fundraiser Raffle - The Raffle was drawn for and Fred Miller of Harlem won it.  He decided to take the $4,000 cash and indicated he would be spending it in Chinook.  J  Thank you to everyone who sold tickets, and helped make the Fundraiser Raffle a success.  We cleared around $2,257.

Bear Paw Battlefield - No information at this time.

Memberships - Max indicated he did not want to be in charge of the Memberships anymore, it was decided we would try to find someone to take Max’s place.  Heather will work with Tomi on the Membership letters and start getting those done and mailed out.

New Businesses - No progress on the new businesses at this time.

Fairgrounds -Heather inquired with Susie Berger and she indicated that she didn’t get to have a meeting for 3 months because of lack of quorum, but that the money is sitting in a separate account.  She also indicated that the next phase is to get more electrical and heaters put in along with a gas line before any finish work can begin.  She said they have asked for bids but the contractor has to be licensed and bonded as required by the county.  She stated their next meeting is Jan. 8th at 7 p.m. and she wanted us to come and share our concerns.

CHS Stencil - Jennifer will send a Thank You Card to the CHS Ag Class and Mrs. Jirovsky for creating the stencils for us.

NEW OFFICER - Tomi Simenson was voted in as Secretary/Communications Director to replace Heather DePriest.  Voted on - unanimous.


Bob Gallus Sign - Heather received a printout from Bob Gallus regarding a Lighted 6’x6’ sign that he has for sale in case any new businesses may be interested.

Address Change - The PO Box 744 address has been forwarded to Jennifer’s office as she does not get the mail everyday anymore (American Garage’s mail is now delivered).  So for convenience, we temporarily forwarded the mail to 40440 US Highway 2 East.

Thank You Note from DePriest Sisters - Jacki, Nita and Moselle DePriest wrote a thank you note Oct. 5, 2012 to the Chamber regarding the 2012 SB Festival.  The note was read.

Thank You Letter from Blaine I Inc.  - A thank you letter was read to the board from Blaine I Inc. regarding our $631 contribution.

Christmas Card from Triangle - A Christmas card was received from Triangle Communications and read.

Tables and Chairs Trailer - It was discussed that Lori Swanson may have some tires for the trailer that she would donate in place of her rent, however, the tires she thought she had will not work.  So, it was decided for her to just pay for the rental of the trailer and we will fix the tire.  She also suggested we get a pigtail plug for it to keep with the trailer as well as a Jack.  Larry will find one.

TV for the Visitors Center - Jay will find us a TV for $500 or Less - Max moved to have Jay find one and Jenn 2nd.  It was also discussed to remove the kickstand from the door before opening the Visitors Center to the Public.  We also discussed purchasing a camera system of some sort and opening the center by May 1st.  Bonnie will find us a Guestbook as well.

Window Clings - Instead of Window Clings, we printed some 2” x 2” double sided window papers to tape to the window saying that the businesses accept Chamber bucks.  It was suggested to send these in the thank you cards when sending those out.

Chamber Bucks - Jennifer will order more Chamber Bucks forms from the Journal as we are just about out.

Books - It was suggested to have Kassie McIntosh audit the Chamber’s books to make sure the coding is correct and such.  Max moved to have Kassie look at them and Bonnie 2nd.  It was voted unanimous.  Heather will contact Kassie.

Garbage Cans - Larry will work on finding pricing.

SEGP Grant - Tabled until we use it in September.

Annual Banquet - Heather contacted Dale Mailand and the Poets and Pickers is scheduled for February 2nd, so the date of the banquet was changed again.  It was set for Friday, March 15th at the Chinook Eagles.  Drinks at 6 p.m. and Dinner at 7 p.m.   $10 per plate or under is what we proposed to the Eagles and Jay will do the planning of this.  Heather moved and Keri 2nd to change the date and venue.  Approved.

Sugarbeet Festival - Lori Swanson brought an idea to the table regarding Team Sorting during the festival (either Friday, Sunday or during the day on Saturday).  It was tabled until we get closer to the planning of the Festival.

Thank You Ad - Heather will create the ½ Page Thank You Ad for the Journal this week.

Officer Nominations - The new 2013 Board of Directors were voted in and those directors include:
Larry Surber - President
Nancy Diemert - Vice President
Jennifer Hellman - Treasurer
Jay Eslick - Parliamentarian
Tomi Simenson - Secretary/Comm. Director
We are in need of a Reporter and a replacement for the Membership Committee Chair (Max Hofeldt’s Position)
Keri moved and Frank 2nd and the officers were voted as approved.

Treasurers Report:
BPCU CTEP - $14,642.48
FB - Sugarbeet Festival - $243.89
WF - Operating - $3,671.84
WF - Christmas - $666.97
WF - Christmas Savings - $20.00
WF - Sugarbeet Festival - $63.74
WF - Tables and Chairs - $745.36
WF - Water Tower Project - $5.19

Meeting adjourned at 8:41 pm

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 7th at 7:00 p.m. at the Pastime Lounge in Chinook.


Sandwich Board - We talked about making a few sandwich boards with some plywood - we inquired that maybe the school would be willing to make them if we asked.  Heather will contact Robin about this project as well.

Cell Phone Towers - Fred Langford Property

Grant Writing - Bridgette will get in touch with Heather once she is done with School.
Grants - Heather brought to the groups attention that there is a couple grants that may be worth looking into - one being Northwest Farm Credit Services Rural Community Grant Program.  Heather has the paperwork if anyone is interested in writing it.

Festival of Trees - Decided to possibly make a stand-alone event with drinks/hoursdoeuvres.

LARGE SUGARBEET STATUE - Colleen had brought a photograph of a large sugarbeet that she had encountered in her travels and was wondering if something would be possible to add to our Visitors Center as a unique draw. We will be discussing later on when the building is complete and operational.

Notary Training - Tabled at this time - do not know if we will have enough interest in it to justify bringing the trainer down.

Marquees - The PTO has decided to take some of the funds for the Marquees and use for another project. The Chamber decided to hold off on the marquees until we have a visitors center/rest area to place it at.

Lights on the Tower
Anita DePriest Magnuson sent Heather a cutout of a Newspaper Article from Junction City, Oregon where they have succeeded in lighting up their water towers with LED lights that can change and be programmed to move and rotate. It was agreed that it was a neat idea and would be tabled until we had available funding to do a project of that magnitude. Heather will contact Chuck and see if he is interested in spearheading the project. <http://junctioncity.kval.com/content/eugene-company-helps-light-junction-city-water-tower>.

Strategic Alliance of Montana Chambers - Heather contacted SAMC and notified them of our interest in the project. We will wait to hear from them on when we will be doing a training in our area.

American Prairie Foundation
It was talked about at the meeting for our approach on this subject, and we decided to help encourage people to get educated on the subject and to express your opinion. The officers of the group decided to let the Stockgrowers and the CattleWomen do the public viewing of the movie with a speaker, etc. It was a unanimous opinion of the group that it will affect businesses and could directly affect each and every one of us. Heather will contact Lori Swanson.

Fran Hodgson sent Heather a link in July that showcased CutBank’s murals through town. She would like to suggest that Chinook look into it. The link is: <http://www.kfbb.com/news/local/92734869.html>. Tabled at this time.

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