2012 August

Minutes August 8th, 2012 - Pastime Lounge Meeting Room - 7 p.m.

Current Agenda reads as follows:
Signs Outside of Town - Committee - Chuck Hewitt/Kelcey Diemert/Max Hofeldt
Visitors Center - Heather DePriest/Larry Surber
CTEP - Keith Hanson/Heather DePriest
Chamber Office Sign - Heather DePriest
Fundraiser Raffle - Heather DePriest
Sugarbeet Festival Planning 2012 - Rita Surber
Russell County Board of Directors - Larry Surber
Bear Paw Battlefield - Heather DePriest
Memberships - Max Hofeldt
Tables and Chairs  - Larry Surber
New Businesses in Town - Heather DePriest
Fairgrounds Improvements - Heather DePriest
Treasurers Report - Jennifer Hellman

Larry Surber
Heather DePriest
Jennifer Hellman
Nancy Diemert
Rita Surber
Val Frank
Max Hofeldt
Frank Pehrson

Kelsey Altenhofen

Minutes were read and approved with the following corrections:  Jay Eslick was not in attendance at previous meeting.


Sugarbeet Festival 2012 - September 21st and 22nd, 2012 - Blaine County’s 100th Anniversary is the theme of this years festival.

Fun Run
Kids Games
Car Show -
Cruisers (Gary Anderson suggested a category of “Best Original”)
Story Time at the Library
Sugarbeet Growing Contest
Concert - Dennis Wisch
Style Show -
Rita reported that they style show will be handled by Sue Reid and Paulette Cronk has agreed to help as well.
Courthouse Tour
Quilt Show
- Spinning Wool
Hands on History - Back of Eagles (6 activities for 50 kids - $500).
Historical Storytelling in the Evening
Old Fashioned Photos
House Tour
- to include MacKenzie’s, Crosses, Millers, Rasmussens and Burkhartsmeyers.  Chuck and Deb Davies will be helping with the Parade of Homes.  The cost is $5 per person to ride the bus.  There were suggestions of Mackenzie’s, Burkhartsmeyers, Rasmussens and also possibly some farmhouses.
Oreo Cookie - Cindy Haney
Water Bottles - Logo’d (Nancy Diemert working on this).  It was suggested to donate the bottled water to the community.
BBQ - Menu was discussed as Hamburgers/Brats, Saurkraut, Macaroni Salad, Beans, Possibly Orange Oreo’s.
Vendors - Rita also requested that the vendor fee be waived, one for each town or community so they can sell items as a fundraiser for their town, etc.   It was approved.

Rita had an idea of putting advertisements in Grocery Saks at the store, agreed to do so.

The Chamber discussed our T-shirts for the festival and decided to keep the 2 different shirt designs.
Heather will work on designing a vintage poster for the festival and work with Rita on it.
Library has been reserved, Rita has been working on Sponsors - we should have 12 events with 4 sponsors each, and Heather will work on a T-Shirt Design - it was suggested the slogan “Lookin’ Good for 100 Years!”

Chuck Hewitt mentioned that at the Red Ants Pants Festival in White Sulphur, they have ants painted on every road leading to town, and he suggested we do that with our Sugarbeets.  Jennifer will contact Tracy McCracken and see if she is interested in helping us out with that.

Heather will contact the city for an open container permit from 2nd street to 4th street and also for the use of Centennial Park.

Rita will report on the Festival progress at the next meeting.

Visitors Center
Ron Dalton has the cabinet placed in the Chamber Office and they are working on finalizing and staining it.

This has been tabled until fall 2012.

Contributions have been coming in and the response from the main-street businesses has been successful.  Most all businesses and property owners have been participating in the project.   The contribution totals so far have been around the $11,000 range.

Central Montana - Nancy Diemert has been voted on the Russell Country Board for a term of 3 years, and discussed to find another person from Turner/Harlem area.  Larry indicated he would call Shawna Billmayer and Shannon Billmayer to see if they would be interested in filling a seat on the board.

Fundraiser Raffle - It was discussed to promote the Fundraiser Raffle a little more as tickets are slow to being sold.  We will be placing PSA’s on the radio, Journal Jots and any free form of advertising possible.  Max Hofeldt discussed that he would like to ask if Roger Fischer would be willing to sell some tickets, as well as Kimber at the Border Bar.  It was also discussed that the Canadians would be a good market to target at this time.

Montana Chamber Choices - Nancy moved to dissolution the vote previously held on accepting the Chamber Choices as part of the Chinook Chamber.  Due to the fact that we will need a membership to the Montana Chamber Choices, the Chamber decided to nullify the vote.  Max 2nd and the motion carried.

Bear Paw Battlefield - A letter was received from the National Park Service indicating the status of the Battlefield’s progress.  The letter was read at the meeting and we will be checking the website periodically to find out the status of the EAS.


Memberships - Marcia was mailed the membership papers - we will contact her further.  Max will contact the remaining stragglers on our list that have not re-joined again this year.

Tables and Chairs - The trailer sign is done and looks great - it was discussed about the cleaning of the tables and chairs when people use them and there is now a cold water pressure washer in the trailer to hook to a hose and use to clean them after every use.

New Businesses - There have been several requests for locations for new businesses in Chinook.  Heather has been working with those individuals to try and help find locations as well as the Realtors.

Fairgrounds - The Chamber would like to meet with the fairboard about the improvements planned - Heather will contact the Fairboard and find out when the next meeting is.

Treasurers Report:
WF Operating - $2708
FB Sugarbeet Festival - $1900
BPCU - CTEP - $8140
WF Xmas Lights - $24.97
WF Xmas Lights Savings  - $20
WF Sugarbeet Festival - $63.74
WF Tables and Chairs - $270.35
WF Water Tower Project - $4.59

It was discussed to utilize two signatures on the checks from now on - President and Treasurer.

Meeting adjourned at 8:37 pm


Cell Phone Towers - Fred Langford Property

Grant Writing
- Bridgette will get in touch with Heather once she is done with School.

Festival of Trees - Ambulance Crew was suggested for this years fundraiser group - it was agreed upon to table until the Festival gets closer.

- Colleen had brought a photograph of a large sugarbeet that she had encountered in her travels and was wondering if something would be possible to add to our Visitors Center as a unique draw. We will be discussing later on when the building is complete and operational.

Notary Training
- Tabled at this time - do not know if we will have enough interest in it to justify bringing the trainer down.

Marquees - The PTO has decided to take some of the funds for the Marquees and use for another project. The Chamber decided to hold off on the marquees until we have a visitors center/rest area to place it at.

Lights on the Tower
Anita DePriest Magnuson sent Heather a cutout of a Newspaper Article from Junction City, Oregon where they have succeeded in lighting up their water towers with LED lights that can change and be programmed to move and rotate. It was agreed that it was a neat idea and would be tabled until we had available funding to do a project of that magnitude. Heather will contact Chuck and see if he is interested in spearheading the project. <http://junctioncity.kval.com/content/eugene-company-helps-light-junction-city-water-tower>.

Strategic Alliance of Montana Chambers - Heather contacted SAMC and notified them of our interest in the project. We will wait to hear from them on when we will be doing a training in our area.

American Prairie Foundation
It was talked about at the meeting for our approach on this subject, and we decided to help encourage people to get educated on the subject and to express your opinion. The officers of the group decided to let the Stockgrowers and the CattleWomen do the public viewing of the movie with a speaker, etc. It was a unanimous opinion of the group that it will affect businesses and could directly affect each and every one of us. Heather will contact Lori Swanson.

Fran Hodgson sent Heather a link in July that showcased CutBank’s murals through town. She would like to suggest that Chinook look into it. The link is: <http://www.kfbb.com/news/local/92734869.html>. Tabled at this time.

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