2011 March

Chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes
March 10th, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. - Pastime Lounge Meeting Room

Current Agenda
Report on Signs Outside of Town - Committee (Chuck Hewitt, Kelcey Diemert, Max Hofeldt)
Visitors Center - Heather DePriest/Larry Surber
CTEP - Heather DePriest
Annual Banquet Report - Jay Eslick
SBA Nominations - Heather/Nancy
Tables and Chairs - Painting
Cell Phone Towers - Christy Keto (Triangle Communications) Reporting
4x8 Sign for Chamber Office - See Bid from Floren’s

Members Present:
Nancy Diemert
Heather DePriest
Jay Eslick
Barb Eslick
Bonnie Weber
Bruce Butcher
Eric Edwards
Max Hofeldt
Frank Pehrson
Kelcey Diemert

Treasurer Report
Operating - $6813.11
Sugarbeet Festival Accounts - $818.39
Table and Chairs Accounts - $401.70
Christmas Lights - $44.97

Minutes were read and approved as stand.  Jay moved, Bruce 2nd.  Voted unanimous.


Heather has taken photos and sent them to Krystal Steinmetz who forwarded them to the Engineer.  We are waiting to hear from them regarding the status of the project.  Heather has since been notified that Randy Reed would like the old sidewalks for a project he has and will haul them away free of charge.

Due to inclement weather and the inability to get out to the Golf Course, it was voted on to move the banquet to somewhere in Chinook.  Alcohol was a key factor and it was noted that the Eagles and the Pastime were the only 2 locations large enough to have the banquet with alcoholic beverages.  Due to the fact that we used the Eagles last year for the banquet, we decided to use the Pastime.  Anne Boothe of Triangle Communications will be our Guest Speaker and has a power-point presentation to share.  We will guarantee 60 people to Eric Edwards of Creative Catering.

Boxes at the Old Armory
Heather has contacted Jim Inman to pickup the boxes from the armory that our Christmas Lights in.  He will be handling that as soon as he has some time.

Stenciling Chairs
We need to schedule another time to stencil the remaining chairs.  Bonnie Weber, Larry Surber and Heather DePriest unwrapped them from their boxes but we still need to take them apart and stencil them.  Heather will schedule a time and email everyone again.

Blaine County Cruise
It was moved by Jay and 2nd by Heather to sponsor the Car Show with a $250 donation.  It was voted on unanimously.

Governor’s Conference on Tourism
Is March 27th - 29th in Helena - Anyone is welcome to attend.

Signs on the Outskirts of Town
Max would like to see some quotes from Florens and Montana Sign Company for a 12 x 20 sign as well as a bid from Mid State Signs.  Heather will get those bids again and report at the next meeting.
Bid from Bryan Haney - 2 (10’x24’) Single Face Billboard Structures with Vinyl Wrap Faces - Labor and Materials included with locations determined by the Chinook Area Chamber of Commerce is $4,850.00 Each.
Bid from Floren’s Hill County Printing - $3690 each for a 10x24 Single Face Billboard

Adopt a Highway
The Chamber has been approved and will be recognized by the state from mile marker 402 to 404.  Heather will inform Rita of this for the clean-up day program activities.

Visitors Center
Heather emailed Casey Jones, he will be installing the door lock system hopefully early April.


Membership to the Eagles
Heather mentioned that she would like to make a donation to the Eagles as they have been members of the Chamber for a long time and the Chamber can’t “joint” as an organization.  It was moved that Max would contact them and see if there is anything the Chamber can do to donate to the organization.

Certified Folder
It was moved by Max Hofeldt and 2nd by Frank Pehrson to pay Certified Folder again to distribute the brochures for the Chamber of Commerce.  It will be split 3 ways, between the Chamber, Wildlife Museum and Blaine County Museum.  The total bill is $818.06 which leaves the Chamber’s portion at $273.  Voted unanimous.

Men Who Cook for Women Who Whine
This event is held in Hingham on April 2nd and Eric Edwards just wanted to bring it to our attention.

Sugarbeet Festival
We need to work on plans for the festival.  A special meeting will be held in April regarding the events and the planning phases.  Meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, April 6th, 2011.

4 Wheeler Raffle
A request for bids for the 4-wheeler raffle has been emailed to the following Chamber members:  B & L Mechanics, Precision Auto Body, Tilleman Motor Company, Jamieson Motors, Ezzies Wholesale.  The following has been requested:  2010 or 2011 NEW 4-Wheeler, 4x4, Model 400 or Higher

Meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m.


LARGE SUGARBEET STATUE - Colleen had brought a photograph of a large sugarbeet that she had encountered in her travels and was wondering if something would be possible to add to our Visitors Center as a unique draw.  We will be discussing later on when the building is complete and operational.

Notary Training
- Tabled at this time - do not know if we will have enough interest in it to justify bringing the trainer down.

Marquees - The PTO has decided to take some of the funds for the Marquees and use for another project.  The Chamber decided to hold off on the marquees until we have a visitors center/rest area to place it at.

Festival of Trees
Heather spoke about the possibility of adding a Festival of Trees fundraiser for the Chamber in December and thought it would be a nice addition to the holidays.  She would like to see businesses donate a tree and put gifts underneath of it and auction them at a dinner type setting.  Tabled until next year.

Lights on the Tower
Anita DePriest Magnuson sent Heather a cutout of a Newspaper Article from Junction City, Oregon where they have succeeded in lighting up their water towers with LED lights that can change and be programmed to move and rotate.  It was agreed that it was a neat idea and would be tabled until we had available funding to do a project of that magnitude.  Heather will contact Chuck and see if he is interested in spearheading the project.  <http://junctioncity.kval.com/content/eugene-company-helps-light-junction-city-water-tower>.

Strategic Alliance of Montana Chambers - Heather contacted SAMC and notified them of our interest in the project.  We will wait to hear from them on when we will be doing a training in our area.

American Prairie Foundation
It was talked about at the meeting for our approach on this subject, and we decided to help encourage people to get educated on the subject and to express your opinion.  The officers of the group decided to let the Stockgrowers and the CattleWomen do the public viewing of the movie with a speaker, etc.  It was a unanimous opinion of the group that it will affect businesses and could directly affect each and every one of us.  Heather will contact Lori Swanson.

Lambing and Calving Tour
Is in progress - Heather will contact Christie to see if she needs any help with anything.

Restaurant Issue
There has not been any report on the issue at this time.  Max will report on at the next meeting.

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