2010 November

Meeting, November 3rd, 2010 - Chinook, Montana - 7:00 p.m. - Pastime Lounge

Members Present:
Heather DePriest
Larry Surber
Nancy Diemert
Jennifer Hellman
Jay Eslick
Kelcey Diemert
Frank Pehrson

Current Agenda:
Parade of Lights - 25 Years
Report on Signs Outside of Town - Committee (Chuck Hewitt, Kelcey Diemert, Max Hofeldt0
Visitors Center  - Heather DePriest/Larry Surber
Christmas Lights - Nancy Diemert
NHS - Centennial Park Tree
Adopt-A-Highway - Milepost 402 to 404 - Heather
JayDee Hahn - Old Western City Storefronts - 355-4375 Rudyard

Minutes were read and approved as stand.
Nancy Moved - Heather 2nd

Treasurer Report
$2,100 Operating
$8,400 Sugarbeet Festival
$200.53 - Sugarbeet Savings
$229.24 - Table and Chair Checking
$1112.99 - Table and Chair Savings
$5,739.47 - Christmas Account

Financial Purchasing before December 31
-$4880 - Purchase additional 150 Chairs
-$1,000 Donation to Lady in the Glass
-$125 for Paint for Chamber Office
-$1,067 to Northwest Security for Door Access System
TOTAL:  $7072.00
Jay Moved, Frank 2nd - Voted on Unanimously on Heather to decide what to purchase for Chairs and Racks.

Larry Surber and Jerry Stabio went to Rudyard to pickup the storefronts that were donated from the Hahns - they are now in the Chambers storage building and are available for members to use.

Lambing and Calving Tour
Nissens sent us a nice thank you for the use of the Tables and Chairs at the Larry Nissen funeral.  Heather noted that she would like to see the Chamber pursue the Lambing and Calving Tour that was the brainchild of Larry.  It was suggested to ask Max about possibly doing that.  Heather will ask him.

Parade of Lights
Trying to get 25 floats this year.  Hopefully people will respond to Heather s email and get their floats going.  We will be working on the Chamber float Sunday, November 14th, 2010 at the former DePriest GMC building.
We need to update the entry form for the website, Jay will do that and get it to heather.
Vendors - Jennifer is working on vendors and has been getting lots of them.  She will approach Don and Jill about the use of their building.   The Eagles have been asked to use the former Pizza Pro Building.
Nancy has the trees for main street (thank you to Rita Langford for replacing the bows and fluffing them) and will put them out this coming week or 2.
Fire barrels - we would like to see the fire barrels be used again if it is cold at the POL.  Heather will contact the fire department and see if they would be willing to stand around the barrels and max to put them up on bricks with sand in the bottom so they do not hurt the asphalt.  4 total.
NHS Approached us about taking over the tree in Centennial Park - we agreed to do so and that we would contact someone with a bucket truck to put the lights on the tree.

Heather suggested we approach the City about CTEP funds and get the sidewalks on main street replaced.  Some of them are ok and are not in need of replacement, however, others are.  It was voted on by Jay and 2nd by Frank to accept the proposal of matching the 13.42 percent funds of the project and by soliciting funds from the business owners who will be receiving the sidewalks in front of their establishment.

It was decided that we are going to put our insurance out to bid since we have 2 insurance companies that are members.  Nancy will review the current policy and see what needs to be changed and report at the next meeting.

Russell Country Ad
It is that time of year again, and we will be needing to purchase our ad in Russell County.  It was moved by Jay and 2nd by Kelcey to approve spending $960 to Russell Country for our ad in the magazine.

Annual Banquet
Tabled until our December Meeting

Signs on the Outskirts of Town
Decided to send it out for bid to our members.  Heather will handle in January or February.

Visitors Center
Larry brought in a brochure rack to use and we are going to try and build a box for Nancy s TV so we can have a display of all the things happening in Chinook.  We will also be installing our Door Access System and Heather will contact Casey of Northwest Security.  Need to hang the posters around the building that were displayed at the festival of all the businesses.

SBA Award Nominations
Nominations have been sent for Kelcey and Nancy Diemert for Small Business of the Year and to Bonnie Weber for Women in Business.

Adopt a Highway
Heather sent in the paperwork for the Adopt a Highway Program - waiting to hear from the state on approval.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.


LARGE SUGARBEET STATUE - Colleen had brought a photograph of a large sugarbeet that she had encountered in her travels and was wondering if something would be possible to add to our Visitors Center as a unique draw.  We will be discussing later on when the building is complete and operational.

Notary Training - Tabled at this time - do not know if we will have enough interest in it to justify bringing the trainer down.

Marquees - The PTO has decided to take some of the funds for the Marquees and use for another project.  The Chamber decided to hold off on the marquees until we have a visitors center/rest area to place it at.

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