2010 May

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 at the Pastime Lounge Meeting Room - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Larry Surber
Heather DePriest
Max Hofeldt
Larry Obie
Frank Pehrson
Paulette Keller
Jennifer Hellman
Debra Davies

Deb Ramberg
Jim Meehan
Gina Barker

Stand as Approved


Xmas Lights Account - $663.03
Sugarbeet Festival - $1736.92
Tables and Chairs - $779.00
Water Tower - $.87
Operating - $9868.60


VISITORS CENTER - Discussed the option of the L & L Pizza building - tabled, will be discussing at the next meeting.

COMMUNITY EDUCATION LUNCHEON - Will be held on Friday, May 21st at both museums and employers and employees are invited to attend and see what there is to offer travellers.  The intent of this luncheon (sponosred by the Chamber of Commerce) is to educate our "front-line" employees on what there is to offer and Chinook.  The chamber will be serving hot dogs/pop and chips from 10 to 12.

BEAR PAW ROUNDUP CONCESSIONS - The Chamber of Commerce will be doing the concessions for the Bear Paw Roundup this year.  It was agreed upon to split the net profits in half with the rodeo and Cindy Cowan will be sending the Chamber numbers on quantites of food that was ordered last year.  The chamber will need 6 people both nights 3 people each booth (2 booths) and will be serving items such as hamburgers, nachos, chips, pop, candy, etc.  The chamber will determine the menu and will take care of ordering all of the food.  People will need to be there from 4:30 to 9:30 p.m. (possibly in 2 different sessions).  It was moved and 2nd to donate the chairs to the Bear Paw Roundup for use during the festivities this year.  Max moved and Jennifer 2nd.


Raffle - Ticket sales have begun - ticket sales are going great - get your tickets before they are gone!  LuAnn will send Bob a check for the 4-wheeler.

Sugarbeet Seeds - The Sugarbeet Seeds are in and need to be distributed.  Bonnie will be bagging the seeds and distributing them.

- There will be a special Sugarbeet Festival Meeting on Monday, May 17th at 7:00 at the Pastime to discuss the Festival and this years activities.
The Sugarbeet Festival Theme is honoring area Businessmen and Women.  Max Hofeldt brought a list of his ideas to the meeting for possible dedication:

William C. Harbolt
Frank Sharples
Frank Pehrson
Andy Anderson
Robert Inman
Beverly Rusch
Jack Johnson
Ronnie Swenson
Larry Wisch
Don Harshman
EL Luckett
Frank DePriest
Gale Jellum
Bob Sizemore
Jerry Pyette
Bob Tilleman
Lois Butcher
Don Berger
Dorothy Obie
Ernie Larson
Esther Hermes
Geni Paulson
Bob Sizemore
Jim Steigmier

Any retail business person living in Chinook as well as their spouses.   Possibly do a series in the newspaper on this...

Meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m.

NORTHWESTERN ENERGY - It has been discussed that Dale Wass is retiring from Northwestern Energy.  However, he believes the company will not be re-hiring someone from our area.  The Chamber would like to take a standpoint here and enourage the company to hire another individual from Chinook.  We will be speaking with Greg Jergeson - PSC and Northwestern Energy to keep an employee in Chinook for the Blaine County Area.   Richard moved and Colleen 2nd that we write a letter.

LARGE SUGARBEET STATUE - Colleen had brought a photograph of a large sugarbeet that she had encountered in her travels and was wondering if something would be possible to add to our Visitors Center as a unique draw.  We will be discussing later on when the building is complete and operational.

Notary Training - Tabled at this time - do not know if we will have enough interest in it to justify bringing the trainer down.

Marquees - The PTO has decided to take some of the funds for the Marquees and use for another project.  The Chamber decided to hold off on the marquees until we have a visitors center/rest area to place it at.

PARADE OF LIGHTS - Rita would like to see 25 floats at the 25th anniversary of the Parade of Lights.  Rita agreed to write letters to try and get people involved, etc.  Tabled.

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