2010 January

Monday, January 11th 2010 at 7:00 p.m. At the Pastime Lounge in Chinook.

Members Present:

Larry Surber
Heather DePriest
Max Hofledt
Nancy Diemert
Lynne Mahan

Anne Booth


Banner for chamber- Ordered, have not seen it yet from Kellie Rasmussen.  Heather emailed Kellie 1/15/10.

Parliamentarian- No volunteers have surfaced.  Thought of putting it in the paper to see what we come up with.

Annual Banquet - Is set for March 20th, 2010 at the Chinook Eagles Club  - 6:00 p.m. - Everyone is welcome to attend.

Memberships - Membership plaque was approved as stood and will be ordered from All Awards in Lewistown when the memberships start coming in.  Letters will be mailed next week along with the surveys.

Raffle - Ordered 4-Wheeler from B & L - Will be here next week.  Heather will write a letter to Tilleman and tell them of the decision.
Tickets will be printed this week and done.  Heather will have Jennifer take around to the businesses with the surveys we will be working on.  Heather will write a determination letter to Tilleman Motor Company - Attn. Brian.

Chamber Bucks - LuAnn gave Heather an old Chamber Buck and it was proposed to read as follows:

Redeem For Merchandise, Products or Services at Chinook Businesses Only
No Cash Value
Redeem within 30 Days
For redemption information or for merchant questions, log onto www.chinookmontana.com/bucks
Heather will get a new one printed and take care of it.  Checks will be printed week of 01/17/10.


CTEP FUNDS - Anne Booth spoke at the meeting regarding CTEP and how she can help us to secure some funding.  She also spoke about VISTA and how a VISTA Volunteer would benefit Chinook.  There will be a meeting that she is scheduling with VISTA Volunteer Coordinators that will be in February.  She will contact us when the meeting is so we can get good attendance for the meeting.  We need to have Museum Boards at the meeting as well as Blaine County Community Foundation, Commissioners, Health Department, Food Bank, other Organizations, etc.  The process requires an application, a written job description and costs $2500 annually.  We decided to apply for the Montana Community Foundation Grant for "Community Beautification" and the Possibility of a Visitors Center if possible.  A motion was made, Lynne Mahan moved to accept the Community Beautification project and Nancy 2nd.  Voted on, unanimously.

We decided to hold a "Community Organization" meeting and get every organization and group in the community to coordinate on our goals for Chinook.  Organizations involved should include Eagles, Lions, Blaine County Community Foundation, PTO, Chamber, etc.

Survey - A small committee met at Wells Fargo Bank on 1/13/10 at noon to discuss the questions to put on a survey that will be mailed out with the Chamber Membership Letters.  Surveys are currently available at several businesses in Chinook.

Visitors Center/Chamber Office- Lynne Mahan proposed an idea to the Chamber of acquiring the old Train Depot at the end of Main Street and Highway 2.  She proposed it be turned into a Visitors Center with information on Chinook and meeting areas for the group.  The Visitors Center would benefit the community immensely with the possible acquisition of a railroad model set from an older gentleman in Chinook and the addition of a Community Marquees Sign.  Lynne wrote a letter to Mr. David Schneider of BNSF in Fort Worth Texas.  The letter states our interest in the building, and the addition of a building for lease that could be available for the Railroad to use.  The letter was mailed January 13th, 2010.  We will wait to hear from them.

City Water Rates - As a promotion group towards gearing people to moving to Chinook, the City's water rates are a deterrent to that agenda.  The Chamber would like to address the issue with the City at the Next City Council meeting and discuss how we can work together to lower rates, etc.   We would also like to address the safety issue of the snow removal in Chinook, especially on main street.  When customers cannot get into businesses because of the berm on the sidewalk, that obviously has a detrimental effect on businesses and their performance.  The letter will be written and sent to the City soon.  We are also intending on getting on the agenda for the City's next meeting to discuss our ideas for CTEP, etc.

Chamber Thank You - Our space has been reserved in the Journal for next week's half page thank you ad.  Heather will take care of and make sure everyone's name is in the ad.

Sugarbeet Festival 2010 - The Sugarbeet Festival Theme is honoring area Businessmen and Women.  Max Hofeldt brought a list of his ideas to the meeting for possible dedication:

William C. Harbolt
Frank Sharples
Frank Pehrson
Andy Anderson
Robert Inman
Beverly Rusch
Jack Johnson
Ronnie Swenson
Larry Wisch
Don Harshman
EL Luckett
Frank DePriest
Gale Jellum
Bob Sizemore
Jerry Pyette
Bob Tilleman

We will be looking at this list and fine tuning later on down the road.

Vendors at Events - It was brought to our attention that a couple from Lloyd had been selling Marijuana laced Rice Krispies in a different city at events, we would like to encourage them not to participate in our events.  We have strict liability factors involved and feel strongly about preventing this from happening in the future.  The couple have been sentenced for their crimes.

Previous Minutes were approved and Max 2nd.
Next Meeting date is scheduled for Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 at the Pastime Lounge - 7 p.m.


Xmas Lights Account - $663.00
Sugarbeet Festival - $2338.12
Tables and Chairs - $651.24
Water Tower - $.87
Operating - $1489.83

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.


Chinook PTO - Tabled at this time - current leader resigned, will be working on this in the future.

Notary Training - Tabled at this time - do not know if we will have enough interest in it to justify bringing the trainer down.

Rest Area
Tabled at this time.

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