2009 September

Thursday, September 17th, 2009 at the Pastime Lounge in Chinook - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Nancy Diemert, Vice President
Heather DePriest, Secretary
Frank Pehrson
Max & Dawn Hofeldt
Richard Cronk
Chuck Hewitt
Jeff & Lynette Finley
Lynne Mahan
Colleen Mulonet
Gary Anderson

Anne Boothe
Alan Sorensen


Chinook PTO - Tabled at this time - current leader resigned, will be working on this in the future.

Advertising on the website- Letter was successful for Havre Businesses.  Full at this time for one year.

Montana Community Foundation Grant - Working on securing the funds through the City of Chinook.

Community Center/Chamber Office- Tabled at this time - building we were intending on occupying may be rented.

Christmas Lights - Discussed that we need to order the plaques/ribbons for the Chamber's light placement. Nancy and Heather will work on this.  We received a donation from the family of Jenna Unruh in memory of.   Plaques?

Banner for chamber- Ordered - Should have by the festival.

Chamber aprons- Ordered from Clothing Company - Should be here before the festival.

Tables and Chairs - It was voted on and approved to purchase 15 of the 6 foot tables from Milk River Coop - At the time Heather called, 11 were available at $55 each.  Purchased 11 of them.  Now have enough tables for an additional 88 people.   Lynne Moved, Collen 2nd.

Memberships- Richman Insurance - have they been contacted?

Parliamentarian- Nancy Diemert to report on this at next meeting.  Lynette Finley???

Sugarbeet Festival 2009
Sugarbeet Festival is finalized and ready to go.
Moved to accept $960 worth of Television Advertising for $500 - KRTV Great Falls - Lynne Moved, Colleen 2nd.


Rest Area
Report from Commissioner Meeting from Thom, Larry, Mike

Special Guest Speaker - Anne Booth of Triangle Communications
Anne's Synopsis of the Meeting:

“things I heard in Chinook” and points to ponder
from Anne Boothe, Economic Development Specialist with Triangle Communications.
Need to inspire next generation of members:
·maybe it’s more of a need to recognize what their interests are and try to incorporate that?  There was a large group of young dart shooters in the tavern that night - do you include a dart tourney in any of the Chamber events or festivals?  My observation in Malta has been a big following at our Mint Bar and Lucky Bullet of young people within community - they are into Roshambo (rock/paper/scissors), tail gating and pool.  One of Malta’s big events is pool tournaments.
·Leadership Program - incorporate high school students and young adults from community.  Check out Leadership Montana <http://www.leadershipmontana.org> and the Horizon’s Leadership Plenty Program <http://www.msuextension.org/communitydevelopment/cdprograms.html>   One thought might be to host an afternoon or evening event with special invites to potential young community leaders.  Offer food, guest speaker on leadership and a short brain storming session on “what do you want Chinook to look like in 10 years” and then offer them several ways to get involved in community.  MSU Extension could assist with this and I would be willing to assist in some manner.  Great cold winter project??
Highway 2 view shed/streetscape/rest stop:
·Assemble what has been done already (4 for 2), invite Montana Department of Transportation Planners (Lynn Zanto MDT Statewide & Urban Planning 406-444-3445 and Mike Wherley CTEP 406-444-4221), Bear Paw Development, local government entities to a meeting in Chinook to discuss same.
·Research Design and/or Preliminary Architect Report (PAR) options.  Working thru local government and Bear paw Development, you can obtain potential assistance from (note there are matching fund requirements):

Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund (BSTF) program
Category II: Planning Grants 25% of BSTF earnings shall be awarded to Certified Regional Development Corporations (Bear Paw) and other qualified economic development organizations in areas not covered by a CRDC, (and Tribal Governments effective October 1st) in the form of a grant for planning activities such as feasibility studies, business plans and preliminary architectural reports. Applications will be accepted throughout the year on a quarterly basis.
Community Development Block Grant - Economic Development Program (CDBG-ED)
Technical Assistance Grants: A maximum of $15,000 per local government maybe requested to be used for a variety of planning activities, including the initial planning necessary to develop a CDBG-ED project, prepare a growth policy, economic development strategy, or other planning documents.   Preparation of downtown revitalization studies, redevelopment plans, urban renewal plans, and historic preservation studies. CDBG-ED planning grants can be used as match for architectural design assistance from the School of Architecture at Montana State University; Local governments must provide a match on a 50-50 basis that must be firmly committed by the time CDBG-ED funds are released.

MSU School of Architecture

Montana State University
P.O. Box 173760
Bozeman, MT 59717-3760
Tel: (406) 994-4256
Director: Dr. Fatih Rifki  rifki@montana.edu <mailto:rifki@montana.edu>

AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer
·<http://www.mlsavista.org>  (this link to Montana affiliation - the gals in Malta came thru an effort in Sidney - you might want to contact Jessica Michal at the Phillips County Museum (654-1037 or pcm@itstriangle.com <mailto:pcm@itstriangle.com> ) and ask her directly who to contact.
Additional project funding
·Check Triangle Communications website often www.itsTriangle.com <http://www.itsTriangle.com>   Under economic development (in the text) look for VITAL LINKS this is where I will post grant opportunities, deadlines and other tidbits of information for rural communities.

I enjoyed meeting with members of the Chinook Chamber of Commerce - please let me know how I can further assist.
Anne Boothe, Economic Development Specialist
aboothe@itsTriangle.com <mailto:aboothe@itsTriangle.com>  phone 406-654-1487 or 1800 322.1201 (ext 888)

Gary Anderson spoke about the letters to the National Park Service and how they were not received.  Asked how many letters the chamber wrote - spoke about the St. Mary Rehabilitation project also.

Meeting adjourned 8:34 pm

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