2009 November

Chamber Meeting November 9th, 2009 - Pastime Lounge - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Heather DePriest
Larry Surber
LuAnn Burkhartsmeyer
Max Hofeldt
Frank Pehrson
Eric Edwards
Valerie Frank.

Mike Nesslar
Heather Nesslar


Christmas Lights - They are here, Nancy talked with Brian Friede and Jim Teel and they are ready to be put up - do not need brackets or anything - they are ready to plug-in. Nancy ordered a plaque to be placed on the pole under the one for Jenna Unruh’s family.

Banner for chamber- Ordered, have not seen it yet from Kellie Rasmussen.

Parliamentarian- Nancy Diemert to report on this at next meeting.  Ali Molyneaux and Lynette Finley possibilities?

Rest Area
Report from Commissioner Meeting from Thom, Larry, Mike


Parade of Lights - Agreed to not give away as much money this year. Decided to eliminate the family category and do $150 for 1st and $75 for 2nd in Business and Organization for a total of $450. Max Moved and Frank 2nd. Voted unanimously.

Sugarbeet Festival - Profit was around $1500. We would like to see the Toy Show return again and Mike and Heather Nesslar agreed to help with it next year. Said they had a great turnout and there are only 2 shows in the state now - ours and one in Billings?? Great corner on the market here.

Annual Banquet - Agreed upon to do in late March or early April - Decided on March 27th - at the Chinook Eagles Club - planning for around 60 people again. Val Frank was there and she will plan for Prime Rib and Shrimp (Breaded or Scampi), Pototo, Salad, Dessert. Heather spoke with Bill Harbolt at the Eagles and reserved the date as well as the drink price. He agreed upon selling drinks to us for $1.75 each if we purchased two per ticket to give out with our dinners.
Art Taft - Heather had spoke with the Lewis. Chamber and they said their members benefited immensely from Art speaking for them. He talks about Marketing and how it can help or hurt your business. Heather suggested he speak at the Chamber Banquet in April. Heather Moved and LuAnn 2nd. Approved - Heather emailed Art.

Notary Training - Tabled at this time - do not know if we will have enough interest in it to justify bringing the trainer down.

Krystal Steinmetz - Agreed to come down and talk to us at our next meeting about some grant funding opportunities. Heather will tell her when the next meeting is.

Memberships - We will be starting our membership drive again soon and we were talking about redoing the membership certificates. Heather suggested we use a plaque with a place to put the year on it, Heather will get pictures and prices for the next meeting.

Raffle - We decided to do another 4-Wheeler and sell 500 tickets again at $25 each or 5 for 100. We will again be drawing at the Fair and Max will call all the local dealers and get bids from all of them for a 400 or 500 4WD 4-Wheeler. Max will report on this at the next meeting.

Chamber Bucks - Heather would like to see these stay in Chinook, and would like to see a way to get them to use them in town. Discussed possible options of “funny money” but unsure how the businesses would support that. Tabled - to discuss at the next meeting. Heather will look into the old ones that we had.

Next Meeting date is scheduled for Monday, December 7th at the Pastime Lounge at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


Chinook PTO - Tabled at this time - current leader resigned, will be working on this in the future.

Community Center/Chamber Office- Tabled at this time - building we were intending on occupying may be rented.


Monday, November 16th at noon at Wells Fargo Bank

Members Present:

Nancy Diemert
Heather DePriest
Richard Cronk
Frank Pehrson
Max Hofeldt
Chuck Hewitt
Larry Surber

It was decided unanimously by the board to change the date of the Sugarbeet Festival to the 4th Weekend in September.

In 2010 - The Sugarbeet Festival will be held Saturday, September 25th.

It was also moved by Larry and 2nd by Richard to move the BBQ Uptown and make the theme the Chinook Area Business Community and the History of Chinook's Business.  A Tribute to Historical and Current Businesses.

Would like to get the City of Chinook to guard the streets during our parade and to have our beet seeds out by March.  Kay offered to plant the beets if we changed the date of the festival.  Heather will call him to let him know that.

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