2009 May

Wednesday, May 11th, 2009 - Pastime Lounge Meeting Room - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Larry Surber
Heather DePriest
Lynne Mahan
Nancy Diemert
Bruce Butcher
Chuck Hewitt
Laurel Lechner

Harold Miller

Old Business:

Food Festival - This item was tabled at this time - we will work on this at a later time after the Festival and Class Reunion. 

Christmas Lights - Letter to the Editor - Did we do Nancy?

Water Tower Project - Donations always accepted - Chuck received final estimate from painting company, has talked with City Attorney Mark Harshman and is scheduling for June to be painted.  Total of $5900.00.  Need to raise another $3,000 dollars for this project. 

Chinook PTO - PTO does not want the dinner and a movie project - Chuck will get this back and find another group that does want a fundraiser. 

All Class Reunion Lunch - Chamber BBQ Scheduled for Friday night of the reunion - Larry, Nancy, Heather, Bonnie, Keith and Keri will help organize this project.  Discussed to plan for 300-400 people.  Decided on Hamburgers, Chips, Beans and Salad.

All Class Reunion - Need to decide who will be working the table to sell raffle tickets and memberships to the Chamber.  Heather will setup a timeframe slot and everyone can fill out when they want to work. 

Grants - Lynne will work on these as soon as her eyes are better.

Tables and Chairs Project - Received $1,000 from Triangle Telephone - Heather sent Thank you to them - want to do a photo shoot sometime in May with all the officers.   Decided we will have a deposit system setup so people can rent them, and that we would write a letter to local organizations and individuals to help with this project.  Heather put it in the newspaper as a letter to the editor.  We also decided it would be a good idea to have a Trailer with the carts of chairs in it to haul them around.  Nancy moved and Heather 2nd to go ahead and purchase the tables and chairs before the reunion only with the 3 bids from the local businesses and to make sure and purchase them locally. 

Restaurant Situation in Chinook - The new Chinook Grille is now open - issue taken care of.

Spurs and Saddles Show - Is scheduled for the rodeo weekend.  Trying to find someone to take over this project - possibly Laura Kleinjan?  Larry to ask her.

4 Wheeler Raffle - 4-Wheeler is at Wells Fargo Bank - Ordered Corrugated Posters to put with the 4-wheeler - will be in soon.  Decided to draw at the Demolition Derby during the fair - Heather to ask if that's ok.

Budget meeting held in April - Budget finalized for the remainder of the 2009 year.

Sugarbeet Festival 2009
Harold Miller and Roger Jergeson had very good ideas for this industry - Finalized the Schedule of Events.

- Antique Tractor Show
- Semi-Truck Show
- Thrashing Demonstration - Ole from Geraldine - Chamber agreed to pay for a room for him if need be.  - Harold Miller - Chairman
- Wheat Tank with Dollar Bills in it for the Kids to dive for.
- DOT - Setup their portable scales and do a demonstration.
- Fuel Truck Rally (Nascar Pit Stop), have to get out, open and shut a gate, etc.
- Parade of Power
- Field to Meal
- Dutch Oven Cooking
- Bread Baking Contest
- Toy Tractor Show
- Wheat Weaving
- Photo Contest at Wells Fargo Bank
- Metal Art
- FSA Presentation - Beginner Farm Loans
- Organics Presentations
- Windpower Presentations
- Weed Control Presentations
- Hay Maze
- Husband and Wife Contest for Lady in the Glass Fundraiser

Sponsors to Ask:
Tilleman Motor Co.
John Deere
Case IH
Chemical Co's
Tire Co's
Wildhorse Seeds
Inman Insurance
Richman Insurance
Ed Obie
John Hebbelman

Harold brought to our attention that an announcer would be good, so that people were aware of what was happening where.  Suggested two instead of one, because you can't hear when you are all the way down at the car show, etc.

Need to advertise this state-wide.  Sent article about the basic info on the festival to the Blaine County Journal, Havre Daily News, Liberty County Times, Lewistown News Argus.

New Business:

Community Center - Dixons have not responded to our letters, therefore we will focus on the Bar X Building - Larry to contact the owner of the building and Kelcey Diemert will speak with Robin Toner about it also.  Need to work on getting funding and grants for this project.

Advertising on the Chameber Site - Still waiting to hear from Paula - said she will talk with Keith and Keri this week.   If Paula cannot do it, we will ask Wendy Warburton to sell them.

Rest Area - Larry to talk to Thom MacLean

Heather wrote a letter to Larry Brown - Supt. of Highways from MDT suggesting they resurface highway 2 through the town of Chinook.  We'll see if we get a response.

Letter to BNSF - Heather to write one about the culvert and filling in the slough.

Parade of Homes - Nancy Diemert would like to see the Chamber take on this project if PAWS doesn't.  Just go around and tour everyones home and use it as a fundraiser.  Said Havre does it and it is a very good fundraiser for them.  Tabled until we have more time.

Motions and Votes:
Larry moved to Accept Minutes, Nancy 2nd.

Treasurers Report:
$13,288.04 Operating Fund
$3,165.69 Water Tower Fund

Next Meeting to be held Thursday, June 11th, 2009 at Pastime Lounge at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:28 p.m.

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