2009 July

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 - Pastime Lounge - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Larry Surber
Heather DePriest
Nancy Diemert
LuAnn Burkhartsmeyer
Frank Pehrson
Chuck Hewitt


Old Business

Winner of the Four Wheeler
We need to add to the ads that the taxes are the responsibility of the winner- write winner a letter stating that so it is in writing to protect the Chamber.  Profited $6600 - Heather will take care of a thank you in the paper and on the radio.

Advertising on the website- Heather will handle writing a letter this month.

Montana Community Foundation Grant - Need to apply by July 20th- Heather will handle

Community center- Lynne Mahan writing grants for community center

Spurs and saddles show- would like to incorporate antiques into next years- otherwise the chamber will no t be doing the spurs and saddles show.

Banner for chamber- need to get a quote from Alltec graphics a quote from Kelly Rasmussen, and on it we need to put:

Banner (6’wide x 3’ tall)

Why join the Chinook Chamber of Commerce?
Because we support:
· New business and growth in Chinook
·Promote events
·Create growth through grant funding
·Promote tourism and visitation
·We put and keep Chinook on the map

Need another banner that says:  (4’wide x 3’tall)

Chinook Area Chamber of Commerce
Supporting Growth in the Community
PO Box 744 - Chinook, MT 59523

Heather solicited proposals from Altec Graphics and Kellie Rasmussen on 8/8/09

Chamber aprons- need to get cooking aprons for the chamber staff- will get estimates from Mastersports, Lisa Stroh, and Kelly Rasmussen - Heather emailed them on 8/8/09 about the proposals.

Memberships- Max Hofeldt to contact don Richman about becoming a member- said he wanted to join at the fair.

BBQ’s we need to get more than five people to help at BBQs need to help to supply generators.

Parliamentarian- chamber needs a parliamentarian full time. We suggested Ali Molyneaux and Deb Ramberg.  Nancy will talk with Ali first.

Treasurers report $8,920.08-before the four wheeler.
$6600 transferred to the Christmas lights account.
Next meeting is Wednesday, August 19th

Meeting adjourned 8:45 pm

Special meeting for sponsors for the Sugarbeet Festival
Great western sugar, main sponsor they are the main sponsor - Heather is to call them.
Denny overcast antique tractor show sponsor,
Harlem colony to sponsor farmers market- heather to call
Solem McIntosch and Lybeck/ Galusha Higgins and Galusha- live music stage sponsor- Deb to call
Deb is also to contact Doug white about live music stage
Hamilton consulting- live music stage- heather will call
Rasmussen farming and Conrad farms- bread baking contest Deb will call
Ace hardware- bed races Deb will call
Ed and Larry Obie- Garhard Obie display Deb will contact
Bear paw livestock bear paw meats and bear paw order buying-
BBQ heather will call
AMERICAN GARAGE- semi truck show- heather has taken care of
B&L mechanics- Dan’s auto parts- car show-  Heather
Sweet home, sweet medical center- fun run- Deb
S bar b ranch- fuel truck rally- Deb
Columbia grain, milk river coop- Maddox ranch- Sugarbeet
Growing contest- Deb
Torgersons, Moodie Implement, rainbow- parade of power- bonnie
First Bank, Wells Fargo- kids games- Deb
Carquest, Bear Paw Realty- Toy Tractor Display- heather
Wild horse seeds, fisher seeds- threshing demonstration- bonnie
Swank, Lybeck-farmer contest- bonnie
Big equipment- farm equipment show- bonnie

Bobbi & Larry Klingaman - Kids Games???

We were also thinking that if anyone else wanted to sponsor- they could get their name on a sign on the main stage for $75.00.

Special Sugarbeet Festival Meeting

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