2009 January

Monday, January 5th, 2009 at Pastime Lounge - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Larry Surber
Heather DePriest
Nancy Diemert
Colleen Mulonet
Max Hofledt
Frank Pehrson
Bruce Butcher
Chuck Hewitt


Old Business:
Storage Shed - Put a legal in the paper for bids to be submitted, not one submission.  Larry and Chuck decided since they received no response that they would build it this spring out at Larry's new shop.  Larry would purchase the supplies for the project through the Chamber.

Water Tower Project - Chuck and Heather will finalize the project - find a suitable sugarbeet and send it to the company to paint on the tower as soon as it warms up.

Grates around Trees on Main Street - Heather received an email from Lorraine at the City stating this: I spoke with Craig Erickson as he was the person we worked with on the CTEP tree project, and he stated that the grates were not "break away" so I spoke with Brian Friede and he said that they have also looked at the grates and will have to try and cut them with a torch or whatever.  Obviously that won't happennow, but I will continue to remind them."  Thank you Lorraine.

Keough Fournier - Heather and Rita ordered him a plaque, he will be presented it at the Annual Banquet March 28th. Colleen to personally invite him.

Chinook PTO - No Changes - waiting on some possible grant options with Donna Rasmussen.

All Class Reunion Lunch - Colleen and Chuck were to go to the reunion meeting to show their support of the Lunch, and whether it was necessary or not.  Bonnie emailed and said she would help with the lunch if needed;  Keith and Keri Hanson offered their help at the lunch if we decided to do it.  Said the 4-H Club or the Ambassadors may be willing to help also.   Colleen agreed that she would volunteer her time to handle the vendors - go Colleen!!

Christmas Trees - Report from Rita Langford:  "In late November I took inventory of the trees set out by the City and ordered 14 additional miniature Christmas trees from Chinook Hardware for the Chamber planters located throughout Chinook. I placed 2 at DePriest’s, 2 at Shore’s, 1 at the Healing Rooms corner, 2 at the Motor Inn, 1 at the Journal, 4 at Bear Paw Credit Union, 1 at Jamieson Motors, 1 at Town Pump. I also purchased $25.00 worth of red Velvet bows and decorated trees that were in place at: DePriest’s, Surber’s, Edwards, Blaine County Museum, Presbyterian Church corner, McLean’s, Wildlife Museum, both banks, Dixon Corner, Barber Shoppe, L & L Corner, Journal, Credit Union, Jamieson Motors, and Town Pump.
The trees were billed to the Chamber and the bows were a donation from me.
Over the Parade of Lights weekend Malissa Langford and her roommate (Brooke) from Bozeman went to each planter and pulled the dead flowers out of them as the City just plopped the trees in on top of the dead flowers! They also helped Nancy Diemert by judging the Parade of Lights.
The Chamber Christmas trees really make our town look festive."
Heather suggested we invite a member of the Rodeo Club to come to our next meeting so we can coordinate the new accessories we will be getting for main street providing we get the grant.

New Business:
Annual Banquet - Decided it would be held March 21st - would let Jay handle it if he was willing to - let him decide where and what time, and the details.  Colleen would personally invite Keough so we can award his plaque to him at the banquet.  Heather would email Jay to see if he would be willing to do the dinner again.  We will suggest all the caterers that are members, including Val Frank, a new member.

New Officer Nominations - The New Officer nominations are:

Larry - President
Nancy - Vice President
Heather - Secretary
LuAnn - Treasurer

Sugarbeet Festival 2009 - Chuck talked with Roger Jergeson about the theme for the Festival, but said he would like to see the state organization involved with the Grain Growers.  Larry will contact Roger again; and possibly Harold and Rhea Miller and Steve Swank.  We would like to know the theme for sure at the March 28th banquet - so we can announce it.  Would like to also include something like a thrashing and tractor show.  Need to have this decided by the next meeting so we can put it in the article also that will be going in the newspaper about the increase in dues, etc.

SEGP Grant Program - No updated info yet.  Waiting the news good or bad.

New Raffle - Decided to do another raffle for the Chamber before the Annual Banquet so we can sell tickets - agreed that it would be best if we did a 4-wheeler raffle.  Larry to go and talk with Tuzz about maybe getting us one.  Tuzz suggested we get one from Tilleman's - they may donate part of it.  Heather and Larry to handle.  Heather will get the tickets printed once it is decided what item to raffle.

Chuck reported that he would like to see Heather receive a salary for working on the Chamber stuff so often - it was voted on unanimously - once we determine what our budget for the year may be.  We will have a budget meeting sometime before the Annual Banquet.

Next meeting to be held at the Pastime at 7:00 p.m. on February 18th.

Motions and Votes:
Nancy moved to accept the minutes - Colleen 2nd.
Nancy moved to accept the date of the Annual Banquet - Collen 2nd.
Max moved to finalize the Sugarbeet on the Tower project - and Frank 2nd.

Treasurers Report:
There is $13,665.34 in the Wells Fargo Checking Account
There is $2,964.83 in the Water Tower Fund

Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

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