2009 February

Monday, February 16th, 2009 - Pastime Lounge Meeting Room - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Heather DePriest
Larry Surber
Jay Eslick
Bonnie Weber
Colleen Mulonet
Max Hofeldt
Bruce Butcher
Nancy Diemert
Frank Pehrson
Lynne Mahan
Chuck Hewitt


Old Business:
Christmas Lights - Havre has really nice Christmas Lights, need to ask what company they went through and the costs to the city and county.

Storage Shed - It was discussed that the old armory is not being used by the city (who it was donated to) and they would be willing to allow us to store our stuff in there until we find alternate homes for them.  We decided that we would postpone the project, Larry brought an ad he found on storage sheds and we have filed it for future use.

Water Tower Project - Chuck and Heather will finalize the project - find a suitable sugarbeet and send it to the company to paint on the tower as soon as it warms up.   We agreed to modify the beet a little that Chuck proposed and move ahead with the project.  Voted on, unanimous.

Grates around Trees on Main Street - Still waiting for it to warm up for the city to help us with them.

Keough Fournier - Heather and Rita ordered him a plaque, he will be presented it at the Annual Banquet March 28th. Colleen to personally invite him.

Chinook PTO - Heather went to a PTO meeting and spoke with them about grants, they would like to possibly use the Chamber's non-profit number to apply for some of their grant funding in conjunction with us.  Need to discuss at the next meeting.

All Class Reunion Lunch - Chamber BBQ Scheduled for Friday night of the reunion - per the request of the reunion committee.  Larry, Nancy, Heather, Bonnie, Keith and Keri will help organize this project.  We need to discuss how many to plan for, organize a committee, etc.
Also decided that the Chamber needs to have a table setup at the banquet to sell Raffle Tickets as well as sell Memberships to the Chamber.  Need to put together a timeframe of who is handling the table at what times.

Grants - County has CTEP Fund as well as the City, would like to setup a date to go and meet with the commissioners.  The group of people that would like to be on that committee are:  Larry, Chuck, Nancy, Heather and Lynne.  Heather will setup that date.

New Business:
Annual Banquet - March 21st - Jay is handling the plans, agreed to do a Prime Rib & Shrimp Dinner again at the Eagles Club.  Decided to contact our local vendors for proposals.  Jay to handle contacting them.  Discussed doing a postcard to invite people - agreed upon - voted unanimously.

Sugarbeet Festival 2009 - Need to finalize the theme at the next meeting.

SEGP Grant Program - Did not get awarded the grant, we will keep trying.

New Raffle - Max to contact Mike at Tilleman Motors about possibly donating a 4-Wheeler for the Raffle.  Tuzz can also get us a four-wheeler, but he would be getting from Lewistown Honda, decided it would be better to stay local with Mike Tilleman in Havre.  Ticket prices are $50 or $75 each, thought it could be drawn at the Sugarbeet Festival.  Need to move forward with this.

Need to have a budget meeting sometime before the Annual Banquet.

Next meeting to be held at the Pastime at 7:00 p.m. on March 11th.

Lynne Mahan - Would like to see the empty lot across from First Bank become the new home of the Chinook Chamber and a Community Center.  Lynne would like to get approval to write a letter to the Dixon Family asking them if we could purchase the property.  Agreed upon that Heather, Larry, Nancy and Lynne would work on the letter.

Tables and Chairs - Heather to ask for money from Triangle Telephone grant to help defray the costs of the tables and chairs.

Membership Dues - Max would like to bring the dues to the table again on the price increase.  He would like to see the increase go to $100 for Businesses, but only $35 for individuals, as we feel it may cost us in the long run by loss of membership.  Jay moved to make it $35 for Associate Membership, and Max 2nd.  Voted on unanimously.  We will move forward on the memberships for the Chamber.

Advertising on the Chameber Site - Heather asked if it would be ok if she sold some ads on the Chamber website to help defray some of her costs of updating and doing the site monthly.  It was agreed upon that that would be fine.

Russell Country Board is seeking new members from our area - anyone interested, contact Chuck.

Photos of Chinook.  We need to update the photos of Chinook on the Russell Country website.  Larry has some photos he would like to send to the company, as well as maybe contacting Mary Pyette to see if she has any she would like to send to them.  Need to be sure and have a photo consent form signed on all of them.  Heather will email Mary.

Motions and Votes:
Colleen moved to accept the minutes -Nancy 2nd.

Treasurers Report:

Meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

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