2009 August

Wednesday, August 18th, 2009 - Pastime Lounge - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Larry Surber
Heather DePriest
Bruce Butcher
Colleen Mulonet
Mike Schuldt
Tom MacLean
Keri Hanson



Chinook PTO
We were working with Chinook PTO to create a scrolling marquees or electronic banner for the Highway.  The current leader of Chinook PTO, Donna Rasmussen has moved and we need to contact Chrissy Downs to determine who the new leader is.  Heather will handle.

Advertising on the website- Sent the letter and received one reply thus far.  Baltrusch Construction.

Montana Community Foundation Grant - We were awarded $1,000 from the foundation!!  Heather will handle the thank you, etc.

Community Center/Chamber Office- It was discussed that the community center at the Fairgrounds has been funded for sure and decided we did not need to pursue further for main street. It was also discussed that the Eagles were considering moving their facility to the Bar-X Location, decided to stop pursuing that location also.  In addition, we noted that it would be a good thing for the community to have an "unmaned" visitors center.  Keri Hanson said that she would talk to Keith about it and that they may be interested in renting the front of the Kuhr's building for such purposes.  The building already has been split with a wall down the middle and would be ideal for the Chamber Headquarters.  Noted that we would need it locked at night and open during the day - the Hanson's said they would have no problem doing that.  We also noted that we needed a security system for purposes of vandalism, etc.  Will discuss further at the next meeting when the Hansons have come with a proposal.  Lynne Mahan would like to have Anne Booth drive from Malta for a meeting - also Joe LaPlante.  Heather and Lynne to contact them about attending a meeting.

Christmas Lights - Nancy was not present but it was noted that they were ordered and have arrived.  They are very nice lightweight lights with the brackets, etc.
Pam Unruh and Donna Pike would like to purchase a light in honor of the family of Jenna Unruh.  Nancy and Heather will handle ordering a plaque, etc.  Decided better to ask forgiveness than permission on the plaque placement.

Banner for chamber- Received quotes from Altec Graphics and the Clothing Company.  Nothing from Master Sports.  It was moved by Colleen and 2nd by Lynne to accept the Clothing Company's bid for the Aprons and Banner.  Heather will order.

Chamber aprons- Heather spoke with Altec Graphics and the Clothing Company about these, and the Clothing Company's quote was much lower than Altec Graphics.  Decided to go with the Clothing Company and Heather will order them.

Memberships- Max Hofeldt to contact don Richman about becoming a member- said he wanted to join at the fair.

Parliamentarian- chamber needs a parliamentarian full time. It was suggested Ali Molyneaux or Deb Ramberg.  Nancy will talk with Ali first.


Rest Area
Thom MacLean had worked on putting together a road-side park between the Nursing Home and Rainbow.  The Chamber would like to see this project through.  Mike Schuldt commented that it would be good to go visiti the commissioners now about this and get our name in the bucket for funding from CTEP or any other community transportation grant.  Larry and Thom were to speak with the commissioners Thursday following this meeting. We will get a report from them at the next meeting.

Sugarbeet Festival 2009
We need a leader for the Kids Games - Keri Hanson showed interest.  Larry would like to setup a hay maze and put up a snow fence, etc as the barriers.  He would contact Tom Fairbanks about getting snowfence to use for the maze.

Need to advertise the festival hard this year.  Determined it should be advertised in the following:

Rural Montana
Triangle Telephone
Hot Ticket - Great Falls Tribune
Russell Country
Ron Bruschi - New Media Broadcasters
Blaine County Journal
Russell Nemetz
Phillips County News
Havre Daily
KRTV - Send Press Releases

Lynne Friede asked to use the Chamber BBQ - Larry approved and they will be using it the morning of their pancake breakfast at Napa.

Heather will call the leaders of the Sugarbeet Festival events and get them to attend the next meeting for sure.  Need to finalize a lot of the events.

Treasurers report $8,385.63
$6100 transferred to the Christmas lights account.
Next meeting is Wednesday, September 18th

Meeting adjourned 8:34 pm

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