2008 November

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 at Pastime Lounge - 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Larry Surber
Heather DePriest
Chuck Hewitt
Nancy Diemert
Colleen Mulonet
Jay Eslick
Barb Eslick
Bruce Butcher
MaryLou Butcher
Max Hofeldt


Old Business:
Decided to bid out the storage shed.  Larry and Chuck will put together the size restrictions, etc. before the next meeting so it can be put in the paper.

Water Tower Project - Chuck has a bid for $5900 to paint the Sugarbeeter on the Water Tower.  The Chamber needs a clear and consise picture of the original Sugarbeeter.  Heather will email Moselle to see if she may have one.

Grates around Trees on Main Street - Larry contact Brian Friede, said they would help.  Heather will write them a formal letter asking to help us with that.

Keough Fournier - Heather had Rita Langford order a plaque from Malta, will be here before the Annual Meeting when we will present it to him.

Chinook PTO - Rec'd a thank you card from the PTO for promoting the Globetrotters.  Donna stated there were no changes as of yet, but she would be applying for some grant funding for that project.

All Class Reunion Breakfast was bid by the Wildlife Museum and the Eagles - we suggested maybe doing a lunch outside of the reunion fees for a fundraiser for the Chamber.  Nancy will contact Susie Berger.

Russell Country Advertising - Heather tweaked the ad a little, putting the Dinner and a Movie as an event and sent to Gayle Fischer.

New Business:
Parade of Lights - Nancy needs judges for the parade if anyone is interested in judging, please contact her.
Burn Barrels - Max will be going to the City Council meeting Thursday at 5:00 p.m. to try and get approval from the city to put the burn barrels back on the streets - this year we will be putting them on bricks so as not to hurt the asphalt.  We were going to try and solicit the fire department to man the barrels, and collect money with their boot at the same time.
Vendors - Colleen has quite a list of vendors already, decided to put the food vendors in the Pastime.  Colleen has the vendors handled.
Tree Lighting - Need to decide if we are going to do that this year.

Now we are 501(C)3 Status!! Yay.  Since we will be applying for grants, put together a list of priorties that the Chamber would like to see done:  They are as follows:

1.  Christmas Decorations and Tents for the Parade of Lights as well as the Banners on the street.
2.  Sugarbeet Festival
3.  Water Tower Project
4.  Tables and Chairs
5.  Storage Shed/Unit - Possible Chamber Office/Interpretive Center for the Battlefield
6.  Lighted Welcome to Chinook Sign
7.  Walking Path
8.  Update the signs outside of town.

A SEGP grant is available and due December 12th.  Heather will apply for funds for the Festival and Parade of Lights.

Motions and Votes:
Nancy moved to accept Minutes - Voted - Unanimous
Max moved to accept the Cattlemen Cattle Showing  - Collen 2nd
Jay moved to accept the Grain Farming Industry for the theme for the Sugarbeet Festival and Nancy 2nd.

Treasurers Report:
There is $13,665.34 in the Wells Fargo Checking Account
There is $2,964.83 in the Water Tower Fund

Meeting was adjourned at 8:28 p.m.

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