2008 May

Monday, May 5th, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at Cross Creek Trading  - 520 Indiana Street - Chinook

Members Present:

Larry Surber
Heather DePriest
LuAnn Burkhartsmeyer
Lynne Mahan
Colleen Mulonet
Frank Pehrson Jr.
Richard & Paulette Cronk
Bonnie Weber

Todd Jorgensen - Eagles
Cheryl Schuldt - Moving Forward in Blaine County
Peter Pula - Blaine County Weed
Eric Edwards - Paintball
Donny Kokkeler - Paintball
Josh Jones - Paintball
Eric Kolciwicz - Paintball
Donna Rasmussen - Chinook PTO

Storage Shed Update:
Decided that we need to rethink our storage shed idea, would like a 12 x 16 shed, Chuck will get prices on how much it will cost to have him build it for us and we will decide on at the next meeting.

Old Business:
Spurs and Saddles Show - Set during the roundup to try and help keep visitors at the rodeo itself.  Possible BBQ - Nancy to help Larry with that - will be held from 12 to 7 p.m.  Heather will get Chuck some posters for the Saddle Show for the Russell Country event.

50/50 Drawing - Success - Chamber totaled $2200 approx.  LuAnn has written David Rainingbird a check for $1100.

New Business:
Weed Spraying - Agreed that we need to raise our prices from $25 to $30 to each business.  Pete would like to get a copy of the letter that is sent so he can start soliciting businesses.  Bonnie will get Pete the letter.

Eagles - Would like to see the dance moved to the fairgrounds/commercial building during the Sugarbeet Festival - they agreed to handle all the insurance/licenses and band.  We agreed to discuss and Larry would get back to Todd by the next meeting.

Also noted there will be a benefit for Tom Neibauer on June 21st, 2008 if the chamber would like to help with the silent auction, etc.

Eric Edwards - Proposing a Paintball field and would like help from the Chamber monetarily.  The field would promote teamwork, leadership, positive attitudes, and something for the kids to do in Chinook besides get in trouble.  Lynne suggested that they set up a booth, signs and posters to help fundraising for this project.  We agreed to discuss and get back to Eric on this.

Cheryl Schuldt - New coordinator for the grant that is funded through the state to help eliminate binge drinking and drunken driving.  She would like the chamber's help in the form of manpower to promote retail management training and other ideas that would help underage drinking.  Her program is called Moving Forward in Blaine County.  We agreed that it was a good idea nad that we would help as much as possible.

Donna Rasmussen - Chinook PTO - Sponsored 3 Carnivals in the last few years to raise money for a Marquees that will tell about the activities that the Meadowlark has planned and would like to know the chamber's feelings on putting it in a central location and using it for events that are coming up too.  Agreed that it was a great idea and that we would like to help.  We suggested a CTEP grant for them, and also to contact communities that have an existing marquees to find out how much, where they purchased it from, etc.  Larry agreed he would call Denton community.

Flowers on Main Street - Agreed that we would be responsible for helping monetarily with them, voted on - unanimous.

Chairs - Tara Overcast would like to know if she could use some of our chairs that we will be getting from the school sometime this summer, chamber agreed that she could use them - voted on - unanimous.

Parade of Lights - Proposal by Chuck - to integrate an additional event for the parade of lights called Santa's Toy Display that will help make the parade longer, and will raise money for a good cause (i.e. Water Tower Project, etc.)  LuAnn moved that we accept the Santa's Toy Display, Larry 2nd.

Brochure - Agreed to finish the brochure and send to Gayle Fisher to proof - Lynne Moved to accept once changes are made and Colleen 2nd.

Bear Paw Roundup Ad - Agreed that we will only be an advertising sponsor this year, since we are spending more than we are receiving - will do a half page ad for $80.  Heather will send to the Rodeo Committee.  Chuck moved - Colleen 2nd.
Discussion - Lynne would like to know if we could get the arena sign that we purchased last year, she agreed she would handle that.

Brackets/Banners for the Rodeo - we need to coordinate our brackets and banners with the rodeo committee so we can get the right ones so everyone can use the same brackets.  Lynne is handling this.

Magazine is seeking an article on interesting individuals - chamber suggested Lois Griffin and the Pomeroy family.  Chuck will handle.

Next meeting set for Tuesday, June 3rd at 7:00 p.m. - Cross Creek Trading.

Motions and Votes:
LuAnn moved that we accept the Santa's Toy Display, Larry 2nd.
Charis to Tara Overcast - Voted on  - Unanimous
Flowers on Main Street - Voted on - Unanimous
Brochure - Lynne Moved to accept - Colleen 2nd.

Treasurers Report:
There is $6,968.37 in the Wells Fargo Checking Account
There is $2,679.03 in the Water Tower Fund
There is $2,239.78 in the 50/50 Fund

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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