2008 June

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at Cross Creek Trading  - 520 Indiana Street - Chinook

Members Present:

Larry Surber
Heather DePriest
Chuck Hewitt
Bonnie Weber
Colleen Mulonet
Paulette Cronk

Donna Rasmussen - Chinook PTO

Storage Shed Update:
Chuck to Get Prices from Charlie Brekke.  A 10x12 Storage Shed from Home Depot is around $1800 to $1900.

Old Business:
Garden Club Report - Paulette Cronk - Planters are filled and done on main street and we will be getting the bill for the flowers.  They look very nice and the Garden Club ladies did a very good job with them again.

Paintball Field - Agreed to help Eric Edwards and his team to develop a paintball field in Chinook.  We will be donating an amount to be determined, once we see some progress and development on the project.

Chinook PTO - Donna Rasmussen reported that the marquees sign will only cost around $11,000 estimated; but there will be numerous hoops to jump through to get it plcaced on the highway - the state department is strict with rules and Donna will keep us posted.  Larry agreed to call the Denton community to see where and how much their marquees was.  Heather agreed to look into CTEP Grants for the PTO, it's possible to get money for the project that way too.

Sugarbeet Festival Dance - Agreed that it will be a benefit to the Chamber to have the dance at the Fairgrounds - Chuck would contact Todd Jorgenson:  Eagles agreed to handle the band, insurance and alcohol permits.

501(c)3 Status - Heather and Bonnie typed up the non-profit form and sent it to the IRS.  We will wait and see if they grant us non-profit status.

Chamber Brochure - Is DONE!!  Received final approval from the board and it will be sent to the printers tomorrow 6/4.

Spurs and Saddles Show - Larry has not received any forms for entries.  Heather knows that Nita DePriest-Magnuson will be bringing some of hers; Larry agreed to contact Shane and Heather Schwenke; George Ortner and AF Burkhartmeyer about some things they may have.  As for BBQ - discussed that it might interfere with the 4-H Clubs concessions, so thought that Breakfast may be better.  Breakfast has been done in the past, so we decided to check with Wendy Page to see what is going on before deciding the food situation.

TV Ad's for the Sugarbeet Festival - Received a brochure on prices $350 per month for 3 months - will decide on.

Sugarbeet Festival Poster - Bonnie is to get the agenda finalized - will contact Amanda Davies for any changes - Heather will design something with Bonnie.  Suggested it should be done and ready to go to the printer by July 1st.

New Business:
Clean-up Day - Need to schedule that again this year - will decide on a day.  Heather suggested contacting Perry Miller about the kids that have community service.  Heather will handle.

Letter from Jon Tester - Appreciated our input on the port of Turner.

Motions and Votes:
Larry Moved to accept Minutes - Voted - Unanimous

Treasurers Report:
There is $7,295.50 in the Wells Fargo Checking Account
There is $2,679.03 in the Water Tower Fund

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

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