2008 February

Thursday, February 28th, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at Cross Creek Trading  - 520 Indiana Street - Chinook

Members Present:

Heather DePriest
Jay Eslick
Nancy Diemert
Jude Shepherd
Lynne Mahan
Colleen Mulonet
Chuck Hewitt
Bonnie Weber
Keri Hanson
Larry Surber
Kelcey Diemert
Max Hofeldt

Guests: None

Fort Benton Chamber dues - based on the number of employees at each business.  Chuck would like to see us raise our dues somehow.  They have not been raised for at least 15 - 20 years.

Weed Spraying - We received a bill for the weed spraying and Bonnie felt that the weeds were not getting taken care of as they should be.  She would like to see the lot behind Center for Mental Health sprayed better and around Terry Olson's Building.  Feels that the weeds grow back in the middle of summer and would like to see a little better job done.

Anita Magnuson sent an email suggesting an Antique Saddles and Spurs Show for the Sugarbeet Festival, however, we feel it would be a better use at the Bear Paw Roundup.  Chamber decided to hold an auction and show during the Roundup - proceeds to benefit the Chamber and its efforts.

Storage Shed Update:
Larry called shop, no one has returned his call.

Old Business:
Cattlewomen have decided to support us with the festival activities.  They have an agenda and they will present it to us at the next meeting - Paulette Keller.

50/50 Drawing - Chuck reported that the Eagles is not very excited about our drawing as it "steps on the toes" of the American Legion.  It was discussed that 50/50 drawings are held everywhere, school kids, 4-H groups, etc. and that it was something that we needed to help raise funds.

Tickets were dispersed to:
Jay Eslick - 25
Nancy Diemert - 25
Jude Shepherd - 25
Lynne Mahan - 25
Colleen Mulonet - 25
Bonnie Weber - 25
Keri Hanson - 25
Larry Surber - 25
Kelcey Diemert - 25
Max Hofeldt - 25
Chuck Hewitt - 50

Coop Store - Chuck - Needs a location and need to work on it.

Jude and Lynne are working on receiving a grant from the Blaine County Community Foundation - Warren Ross - Head - as part of beautification of Chinook.  It's a simple two page form with  $60,000 in endowment money.  There are five organizations that are involved with the "Beautification of Chinook"  The Eagles, Lions Club, Garden Club, Chamber of Commerce and the Museum Foundations.

New members - Max decided he would deliver the certificates and medallions to the new members when Keri printed them.

Decided that Jay and Nancy were to nominate officers for 2008.  To report on at the next meeting.

New Business:
Chamber Installation Banquet - Jay reported on his ideas - to have it catered at the Pastime as it were held at the Eagles last year - would like to see if Bruce would split the cost of a band with us and possibly having it catered by Doug Mitchell or a Pitchfork Fondue.

Chamber Brochure - Chuck reported that there are grants to pay for 50% through Russell Country and he would like to see us use it.  In order to receive the money, we have to get 3 bids on the cost of printing.  Chuck  and Heather would handle.

All Class Reunion - October 2009
Reunion planners would like to know the Chamber's input on having it the same weekend as the Sugarbeet Festival.  Chamber decided that the Sugarbeet Festival is self-sufficient and it would be better for businesses and the community if it were held during a different weeekend in the summer.  We would like to see more things happening in the community, and what better way, then to have them different times.  It would bring people to Chinook twice as much as a normal year.

Donna Pike - Would like to purchase a Christmas Light in memory of Jenna Unruh - Nancy Diemert will contact her and possibly put something together for the paper - make it kind of an event that anyone can participate in - possibly with a plaque or something on the pole dedicating it to their loved one.

Bear Paw Roundup - The Roundup is in it's 10th year this year and would like to get some help from the Chamber.  The chamber agreed to help them as much as possible, but we are re-thinking the amount of money given away at the parade.  Chamber does not have $600 to give, and would like to see some other organization help, or change it somehow.  Nancy Diemert.

Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws - Heather - Mark Harshman will be working on the 501C status for the Chamber - and we need to get him information on Articles and By-Laws.  Heather received By-Laws from Havre Chamber to model from, since no-one has any idea where they are.  Bonnie Weber said she would help write the articles and by-laws when Mark was closer to being finished.

Motions and Votes:
Chuck moved to accept the minutes from the previous meeting.
Lynne 2nd.

Max moved to give Jay approval to decide on plans for the Chamber Banquet.
Chuck 2nd.

Jay moved to raise the dues from $75 to $100 for Full Memberships and from $25 to $50 for Associate Memberships.
Keri 2nd.
Voted on and passed.

Jay moved to pay Weed Bill
Chuck 2nd.

Lynne moved we work with the Rodeo Committee to make the Spurs & Saddle Show happen.
Heather 2nd.

Treasurers Report:
There is $6,253.11 in the Wells Fargo Checking Account
There is $2,679.03 in the Water Tower Fund
There is $32.87 in Savings

Meeting was adjourned at 8:38 p.m.

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