2007 September

September 26th, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at Cross Creek Trading Company - 520 Indiana Street - Chinook

Members Present: Heather DePriest, Larry Surber, Nancy Diemert, Bruce Butcher, Frank Pehrson Jr., Bonnie Weber, Lynne
Mahan, Donna Pike, Chuck Hewitt, Max Hofeldt, Jude Sheppard, Mike Schuldt.

Guests: None Present

Shed Building - Mike received an ok from the School to build a storage shed for the Chamber; Charlie Brekke will be giving us a deal
on the lumber and it will be ready next spring for us.

Financial Report - There is $733.60 in the Chamber's Savings Account - Decided to use that for the Shed Supplies.
There is $2682.05 in the Water Tower Fund.

Montana Association of Chamber Executives Meeting will be held in Polson, Montana on October 5th - Costs $59/Person and Rooms
are $69.

Main Street Montana Magazine - Would like them to feature Chinook at one point. - Heather will call.

Russell Country Ad is Due - $935 Half Page; $550 Quarter and $40 for a link to our website. Decided to redo the ad this year and
make it more friendly and inviting to Chinook. As for the existing ad - we feel it features the battlefield more than our town and should
submit it to the Park Service to pay for it if they choose. New ad should feature the ag industry, oil and gas, scenery, attractions,
hunting, fishing, festivals, roundup, museums, etc. Heather to handle before October 30th.

City Street Lighting for Christmas - Needs replaced. Each light is $200 to $300 a piece - thinking of an Adopt-A-Light program and
some corporate sponsors for the larger ones. The City has a budget for these lights - need to find out what it is and how much is in
the budget so we know how much to raise. Lynne to handle.
A suggestion was made by Jude to put up Banners instead of lights - however, they are the same amount of money.

Sheep Wagons for the Festival - To attend are: Bob and Martha Burns, DePriest Family, Max Hofeldt, Denny Overcast, etc.

Sandwich Boards for the Vendors - Lynne - Larry Surber has one, Jude has one and Bonnie has one to lend.

Bed Races for the Festival - Donna Pike - Entrie forms can be picked up at Ace Hardware and dropped off at the Extension Office. So
far 8 entry forms have been picked up - none returned yet. Bed races will be on the street between 5th and 6th at 2:00 p.m. Saturday.

Sheep Dogs are from 1 to 3 p.m.

Bonnie to email Debbie Stout about article submission - etc.

Open Stage is from 12:15 to 3:45 on stage in front of Inman Park. Vic Mord, Meda Terry, Val White, Brotherhood and the Halingstad
Family will be entertaining. Discussed that the same stage will be used for the Street Dance to be held. Doug White is handling the
sound from Inman's power.
Holden's Van will be in front of Dan's Auto - no committed time yet but sometime after 10 a.m.

The main stage will be in front of Shore's Floral.

Russell Nemetz is putting the festival on the Northern Ag Network - Radio and TV before the festival for us. Thanks Russell.

Jude put in an article on the Sheep Industry - Spinners will be in the lobby of the museum that day.

King and Queen Contest - Decided on doing Parade Marshall's instead of King and Queen - Suggestion instead of the Hofeldt Family
that is in frail health to do Kay Blatter and Bob Preeshl and their wives. They have both been in the Sheep Industry for a long time and
would make good Marshalls. Suggestion of using Mark & Yvonne's wagon - Max contacting all of them.

Rick and Deb Davies handling Little Bo Peep Contest - Pastime is sponsoring.

Timed Shearing is in front of the Bar X and Jean's Bakery. - Mike Schuldt

Prizes donated by Rainbow Irrigation for the Sheep Shearing Contest

Music handled by the Pastime - Open Container to From 3rd Street to the Aero Bar was approved.

Beet Judging Contest in front of Wells Fargo Bank - Featuring Best Dressed Sugarbeet.

Beets - Mike to Handle finding a ride for them here from Billings - weren't ready until yesterday.

Fun Run/Walk and BBQ Report - Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Burgers, etc. - Decided to get it all from Jean's Bakery and the Inn
House as they are the only restaurants that are Chamber Members.

Games - Heather DePriest
Needs Potato Sacks - Perry Miller may have some from the 4th of July races.

Max suggested for the next meeting to have something geared towards teenagers.

Vendors - Lynne Mahan - Vendors so far - 18 Vendors and 19 Booths
Reserved the Video Store - Pastime as a food court - Northwestern Energy (BPCU Building)?, Marvin Edwards Building?, Larry
Surber (Cross Creek). $15/booth - no need to donate the extra $5 to the businesses.

Garden Club is decorating the barrels for every season all year long.

PAWS dogs at the festival to give away.

Motions and Votes:
* Dog Demonstration at Beet Fest - Pay more to the demonstrator - $250 check to Joy Crawford.
Frank Pehrson Jr. Moved
Mike Schuldt Second

Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

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