2007 October

Thursday, October 25th, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at Cross Creek Trading Company - 520 Indiana Street - Chinook

Members Present: Heather DePriest, Larry Surber, Mike Schuldt, Max Hofeldt, Deb Davies, Jude Sheppard, Mike & Connie Copenhaver,
Lynn Mahan, Richard and Paulette Cronk.

Guests: Pat Chapin - National Park Service

Sugarbeet Festival Suggestions for 2008
Advertise the T-Shirts more so everyone knows where to buy them, etc.
BBQ price change to $6 or $7 so we profit more
Move Sound Trailer to in front of Wells Fargo/Pastime Area - so that people can sit in Inman Park and hear it.
Street Dance gets to be too cold - suggested to move it to the Eagles club to help their business, etc.
Make sure our radio spots thank our sponsors.
Max suggested again to get the teenagers involved somehow.
Lynne suggested the size of the booths should be 10' Wide due to table sizes.
Need signs of what event was happening where - same size as the sponsor signs or maybe we should put:
"Little Bo Peep contest sponsored by?"
Needs to be announced where the events were.
Bed Races need to have a whistle or horn to start from.

Rita Langford wrote suggestions:
Larger trailer to display decorated and all other categories of beets - the location in front of Wells Fargo bank was fantastic!
Suggestion for Parade - Have a "Big Dog" category and a "Little Dog" category. Helen Stephens saw this in a parade over
in Kalispell and said it was a real crowd pleaser.
Have a "Scare Crow Contest" Anyone that wanted to enter a scare crow could bring them to Chinook on the morning of the
Festival and they could be placed in the planters along main street and be judged. Give Ribbons and/or cash prizes. Everyone
could be photographed with their creation.
Have our Parade Chairpersons and helpers wear a hunter orange vest or something to distinguish who to talk to if they have
a question about where to line up for the parade.
Place fast paced teams of horses behind a wagon to slow them down.
Have someone announcing the location and times of the different events. It would have been fun to have the Bed Races
announced and who the different entries were, etc.

Bonnie Weber wrote suggestions:
Fun Run - It was good to have the volunteers stationed along the way for traffic, etc. Also, the water and cookie station was
fun for people out at the Sweet Home. We should have more prizes in age groups. Example, youth winners are
important to recognize.
Beet Growing Contest - Ribbons are a good idea. Beet carving and dressing had a great turnout. Need to be better
organized on picking up the beets from Billings so someone doesn't have to make a special trip, unless absolutely necessary?
More prizes? Maybe Festival t-shirts? We had a few left over this year.
Bed Races - Need to make sure no vehicles are parked along the street where the bed races are taking place. Maybe a little more
publicity to draw more interest.
Setting Up - Need to be sure that the vendors do not set up where the main stage and entertainment stage are always
located. The entertainment stage should maybe face Inman Park so that people could sit in the park and not be
looking at the backs of the entertainers. Might be a good idea to review the vendor/event locations right before the
Festival to be sure everybody is on the same page.
Festival T-Shirts - Kind of a last minute idea this year, but it seemed to go over well. They were offered to the businesses
who wished to buy shirts for their employees. Price was our cost, which was $7.00. Next year we should probably charge $1.00
over cost just to help defray expenses. The public was offered shirts at $12.00. At the festival next year, we should have a vendor
table specifically to sell these t-shirts. I don't think people noticed them enough on the main stage. Gave some remaining t-shirts
as thank you's to the musicians, people that helped (Holden's for example for bringing their music van), and Russell Nemetz for his
help in the publicity. This was very well received.
Schedule of Events Flyers
Printed by Deb to help spread the word
Printed up a couple hundred initially and spread them around town.
Next year we need to have quite a few of those on hand on the day of the Festival, as there were many requests for
schedules, even though it was posted on the main stage and on posters around town.
Street Dance
This seems to struggle due to the cooler weather even on a nice evening. Probably should not do an outdoor dance in
the future.
Might be good to still have music of some sort, while people are eating and at the barbeque. Maybe CD's should be
played on the entertainment stage for background music. Do we encourage bars to hire their own band?
Sheep Events
Huge Success!! Great job!
What a great idea to highlight an industry or such every year.

Chamber Ad in Russell Country
Jude and Pat disagree to take out the old ad
Jude to take to board of directors for Museum to pay half of the old ad - possibly Glacier Park Assn. to pay for other half.
Mike Schuldt suggested putting in an internal display of the museum
Jude suggested to put in a rodeo picture

Rita Langford wrote:
Congratulate Heather DePriest on the Chamber Web Site. It is really, really sharp! Also, for taking over as
Chamber Secretary. (Becky Petrick moved to Bozeman.) Thanks to Heather and Scott for allowing us to stack our
Sugarbeets by their American Garage sign. *We need to pick up the leftovers - Max Hofeldt possibly wants them for
his sheep? The tarp belongs to Rita.
The BBQ was very well done and the hamburgers were delicious - good job BBQ committee!
A special thank you to Max and Dawn Hofeldt and Mike and Cheryl Schuldt for all the time and effort in "organizing" the
sheep industry events. The Sheep Industry display at the Blaine County Museum was excellent. Thank you Jude and those that
loaned display items.
Thank you to Grant and Dillon for being our "Parade Pooper Scoopers."

Old Business:
Sugarbeet Festival Vendors - Great job Lynne on getting $480. The vendor spots were $15.00 each

New Business:
Heather suggested heated Canopy tent idea for vendors at the Parade of Lights - possibly on Bonnie's lot?
20' x 40' Tent to Rent from Havre Rental is $175
20' x 30' Tent to Rent from Havre Rental is $125
Sidewalls are $15.00 each for 20' Section
Propane Heaters - 150,000 BTU are $34/day to Rent from Havre Rental
Propane Tanks - 100# are $7.00 to Rent - Need to be refilled with propane before returned.
Max suggested putting one tent on Bonnie's lot and the other on the lot across from Western Bank?
Will discuss more at the next meeting - need to know 2 weeks before Stroll.

Jude would like to add the "Birding Trail" to their website.

Heather suggested purchasing tables and chairs exclusively for Chamber Events. Chairs run between $20-$25 each for heavy
duty plastic/steel framed chairs. Tables run between $40 and $50 each. Possibility of getting a Grant for this - some are
available - Triangle Telephone Cooperative Community Development Grant, Montana Community Foundation, CTEP
Grants, etc. Heather and Mike to handle.

New Theme for 2008 Sugarbeet Festival - Possibility of Cattle Industry or Grain Industry. The Cattlewomen and the Graingrowers
Association to discuss it - and get back to the Chamber as to who would like to participate next year.

Emailed Suggestion to the Chamber by Beth Kolwicz of Chinook - She loves the new website and would like to see picnic tables
along Hwy 2 just before the nursing home - for travellers to stop off and relax under the trees. Maybe a porta potty -
eventually a board listing things in Chinook - she has seen similar in Chester. Great job web designers.

Next meeting to be held Thursday, November 8th at 7:00 p.m. at Cross Creek Trading Company.

There will be a public hearing on the Environmental Impact Statement for the Battlefield Interpretive Center soon - Chamber Members might want
to attend.

Motions and Votes:
Mike Schuldt moved to accept the ad that Heather built with the addition of an internal display of the museum.
Heather DePriest 2nd
Jude Amended to add a Rodeo Picture too
Larry Surber 2nd

Mike Schuldt moved to purchase tables and chairs for the Chamber of Commerce - through Grants.
Max Hofeldt 2nd

Larry Surber moved that Heather DePriest and Mike Schuldt handle the grant funding.
Lynne Mahan 2nd

Meeting was adjourned at 8:39 p.m.

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