2007 November

Thursday, November 8th, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at Cross Creek Trading Company - 520 Indiana Street - Chinook

Members Present: Larry Surber, Heather DePriest, Nancy Diemert, LuAnn Burkhartsmeyer, Jay Eslick, Lynne
Mahan and Frank Pehrson.

Guests: None

Parade of Lights 2007
Want to get an outside organization to help - Lynne suggested the High School - Jay simply stated the
high school kids are
very busy with other fundraisers, events, etc.

Money for Prizes for the Parade: 1st Place in Each Category - $200; 2nd Place in Each Category - $100
Categories include: Family, Business and Organization

3 - $50 Gift Certificates for Chamber Bucks Drawing
Jay Eslick agreed to bring his PA System to announce at Shore's Floral.
Lynne said she would talk with the Mormon's to see if they wouldn't mind singing Christmas Carols.
City of Chinook does the little Christmas Trees - Nancy said she would call them to find out when they were
putting them up.
National Honor Society is decorating the Christmas Tree in Centennial Park again this year - Larry Surber
wants to put larger
fuses in the box at the park to keep from blowing them with all the lights.
Ken Mahan to Handle the Park - Larry will Call
Nancy will find out if Tom and Nancy will be Mr. and Mrs. Clause this year and find a car for them to ride in.
Agreed to announce the winners of the Chamber Bucks drawn before the parade at 5:45
Best Decorated House - Susie Berger handles
Lynne to find out if there is a quilt show or not.
Pizza Pro - Would like to see them sell Pizza by the Slice - Larry said he would talk with Larilyn.
Boxes for Drawings from the Journal - Heather will ask Keith and Keri if we can borrow them and take them
to LuAnn.
Allen Sorensen doing a story on the Parade of Lights - Nancy will talk with him and so will Heather.

Storage Shed Update:
Jay suggested to wire it for future lighting inside the shed. LuAnn stated she would talk to Robin at the
HS Shop.
Lynne stated that Ken Mahan would wire shed.

Old Business:
Jay suggested Northwestern Energy for Grant Funding Source.

New Business:
Bear Paw Roundup Parade Money - Lynne to handle the next Rodeo Meeting and talk to them about finding
alternate sponsors.
Lynne suggested trying to pass a mill levy to get funding for a Chamber Office uptown. She stated she talked
with Pat Baxter who owns the old video store and she would rent us the building for $250/Month. Topic to be
discussed at the Next Chamber Meeting.

Motions and Votes:
Nancy moved to accept the minutes of the previous meeting
Jay 2nd.

Lynne Moved to retain the categories for the Parade of Lights
Jay 2nd.
Voted on - Unanimous

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

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