2007 August

August 22nd, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at Cross Creek Trading Company - 520 Indiana Street - Chinook

Members Present: Bonnie Weber, Lynne Mahan, Mike Schuldt, Frank Pehrson Jr., Larry Surber, Heather
DePriest, Bob Inman, Nancy Diemert, Deb Davies, Vanessa Surber, Rita Langford, Thom MacLean, Keith and Keri
Hanson, Reed Riphenburg, Chuck Hewitt.

Guests: Lily Surber and Kelsie Hanson

Bob Inman discussed battlefield - trying to get the support of the chamber to push a mini radio station here. $6,000
was given to the City of Chinook in February 2007 for this project by the "Friends of the Battlefield". Would like the
Chamber's help with a meal on October 7th, 2007 which commemorates the 130th anniversary of the Battle.

Committees for the Sugarbeet Festival...
* Dance - 5:00 p.m. Street (Bruce)
* Parade - Vanessa Surber
* Mike Schuldt will get Open Container Permit from City Police
* King & Queen Contest "Royalty"
Paul and Doris Hofeldt
Hans and Mary Hofeldt
* Vendors - Lynne Mahan - the form is online - has some buildings in mind - will go on the Made in MT website also.
* Advertising Done So Far
* Prairie Star
* Rural Montana
* Hot Ticket - Not out yet
* Tricia's Trader
* Posters
* New Media Broadcasters - Will start 1st of October
* Journal
* Games - Heather DePriest?
* Fun Run - Thom MacLean - Artwork by Dillon Davies - Sweet Medical & Chinook Pharmacy sponsors.
* Little Bo Peep - Little Girl contest to raise $ for the Lady in the Glass Sign
* Car Show - Alan & Jenni Pula - Dan's Auto Parts will sponsor.
* Best Dressed Beet contest - Thom's brother-in-law Russ might be able to pickup a load of sugarbeets for us - or
Mike Schuldt for beet carving and dressing. Garden club will judge the best dressed beets.
* Barbecue - Larry, Keith, Frank P. & Tom Petrick - $5.00/plate
* Bed Races - Donna Pike?
* Kelsey Hanson presented 4 saw horses she custom-made for the Chamber as a 4-H project.
* Chuck Hewitt - Dinner & a Movie presented idea as a fund-raiser
Cattlewomen provide meal
Kids advertising clips
Chuck wanted to do it this fall - September - decided to put on hold for this year - to do it next year.
* Heather DePriest - Idea of bringing back Farmer Rancher night - maybe not a chamber sponsored event, but the
chamber being involved.
Bear Paw Roundup would serve the alcohol.

There will be three class reunions at the same time as the festival.

Great job Heather on the website!

Motions and Votes:
* Dog Demonstration at Beet Fest - Pay gas of demonstrator? $100 check to Joy Crawford.
Rita Surber Motioned
Keith Hanson Second
* Keith Hanson proposed storage for the chamber. $849 cost of a storage shed from Poulsen's or have the CHS
shop class build it.
Frank moved to buy or have shop build.
Heather DePriest Second
Mike Schuldt will visit with the shop teacher.
* Lois Griffin - made Bear Paw Roundup DVD for the Chamber
Lynne Motioned to give Lois an Associate Membership in Trade for the DVD
Heather second
Will be sending the DVD to the Television Stations in Great Falls and areas for advertising next year.

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