Chinook Bucks Program


A program aimed at helping to keep money spent locally!

CB10The Chinook Bucks Program is designed to improve the sales of products or services in the Chinook Area.  When you receive Chinook Bucks as a gift or donation from the Chamber, you are essentially receiving a "Gift Certificate" to any business in Chinook. 


When you receive your check for X amount of dollars, you must take that check to any business IN CHINOOK and use the entire face value of it.  For example, if you have a $20.00 Chinook Buck Check, you must use the entire $20 at one business, as you will not receive CASH BACK for the amount you do not use!  It would essentially be like someone giving you a gift certificate to that business, however, it is usable at any Chinook Business.  For questions on the face amounts and values of Chinook Bucks, contact Jennifer Hellman at 945-7978.


When a consumer brings you a Chinook Buck Check, that consumer must use the full amount at your store.  If the check appears to have been altered in any way, DO NOT TAKE THE CHECK.  In the instance that the consumer does not use the full face value of the check, that consumer either forfeits the remaining balance on the check or must purchase an additional item or service from your company to exceed the face value.
Once you receive the check, you can turn it in for cash at American Garage in Chinook or call Jennifer Hellman at 945-7978 and she will deliver your cash.  Jennifer Hellman will take the check from you and in turn, give you cash.  If you have questions, feel free to contact any one of the Chamber Officers about the new rules of our program.

Thank you for your interest in Chinook Bucks!  We hope it is a winning combination for both Consumers and Merchants!


Sarah Pratt
President, Chinook Area Chamber of Commerce

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