About Chinook

IMG_0515eChinook is the seat of Blaine County and is the largest city in the county, with a population of approximately 1500 residents. Chinook is located in North-Central Montana in the heart of the Milk River valley. Farming and ranching are the two major industries within the county.

good treesU.S. Highway 2, a major East-West route, passes directly through Chinook. Tourists and cross-country cyclists utilize Highway 2 as a popular scenic route on their travels to and from Glacier National Park.Chinook is a well kept town with four community parks established for the convenience and enjoyment of both residents and visitors. Lifestyles are basically simple; people are pleasant, friendly, and caring. Our community reflects a safe environment where children can freely enjoy growing up in a quickly changing

Because of Chinook's relatively close proximity to Havre, the town has avoided the fate that other Hi-Line towns have suffered. Even though the agricultural businesses around Chinook have consolidated and led to less people in the agricultural industry, the town itself has managed to retain both people and its businesses due to an influx of people who live in Chinook, but work in Havre.