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Chinook, Montana
Chinook Sugarbeeters
2019 Events: Sugarbeet Festival September 14. Parade of Lights November 29. Farmer Rancher night January 2020!
Our Business After Hours Event is looking for Hosts for 2019, please contact Megan at (406) 357-3115 for more information.

July 2018

Chinook Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2018


Type of Meeting: Monthly Meeting

  • Call to order

Sarah Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:04pm on July 11, 2018 at the Chinook Chamber Office

  • Roll Call- Dana Davis, Sarah Pratt, Daniel Dahl, Hayley Yost, Laine Jorgensen and Ellen Savage.
  • Approval of minutes from last meeting- Minutes were read. Motion passed.
  • Treasurer’s Report- Hayley read the bills. Motion passed to pay bills, including reimbursement to Sarah on the Escape Room.
  • Committees
    1. Sugarbeet Festival- Posters are almost done; Sweet Medical is meeting to approve having a health fair. Shirts, Harlem’s Clothing Company will make shirts for $8.50 onsite. Daniel is working on the design.  Sponsors will be added to the back.
    2. Escape Room- The plan has been purchased and we are starting to look for all the items needed to put in the room. Sarah will post the list on Facebook
  • Open issues
    1. Sponsorships/Coupon App- Sarah finished it and is starting to reach out to members. It was decided we would come up with a pamphlet we could leave with the businesses with all of their options.  It was motioned that sponsorships with be from January-January.  Motion was approved.
    2. Business After Hours- Sweet Medical Center and Dental are having theirs July 12. Daniel will drop off the trailer
    3. Employee- We are waiting on a start date for our potential hire.
    4. Snowflakes- Northwestern Energy removed them and the City is trying to get a price on installing electrical boxes. May have a fundraiser for this project.
  • New business
    1. Farmer Rancher Night- The Nile is October 13th. We will tentatively have Farmer Rancher Night on October 27th.
    2. Sweet Medical Farmers Market- They will have one on August 16th and would like our help promoting it.
    3. Board Members- It was motioned that Dawn Colby move to Secretary and Dana Davis move to Parliamentarian. Motion approved.
  • Adjournment

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