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Chinook Sugarbeeters
2019 Events: Sugarbeet Festival September 14. Parade of Lights November 29. Farmer Rancher night January 2020!
Our Business After Hours Event is looking for Hosts for 2019, please contact Megan at (406) 357-3115 for more information.

2016 October

Chinook Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Agenda

October 11, 2016


Type of Meeting: Monthly Meeting

  1. Call to order

Bonnie Weber called the meeting to order at 6:08pm on October 11, 2016 at the Chamber Office.

  1. Roll call

The following persons were present: Bonnie Weber, Mitzi Cecerle, Craig Lowham, Frank Pehrson, Jennifer Hellman, Hayley Yost, Rosie Goldich, Terry Meyer, Kathy Bagley and Sarah Pratt.

  • Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes were approved as posted on the website.

  1. Treasure’s Report

BPCU Savings $25.44

FB SBF $19,635.49

FB Operating $563.72

Wells Fargo Operating $166.15

FB Chamber Bucks $5,210

FB Tables and Chairs $3,157.33

Jenn presented the bills. Mitzi moves Sarah 2nds. Passes

  1. Open issues
  2. License Plate Fundraiser Update: Tabled.
  3. New Businesses Update: Tabled
  4. Banner Setup- Tabled.
  5. New business
  6. Business After Hours: November is Assembly of God.
  7. Hi-Line Arts trail -Rosie Goldrich: They encouraged us to think about applying for a grant to help our arts programs in town. The grant is a period from April-September with three to six installations. We need one spokesperson for the committee (that needs to be created). Maybe get some information out there via Facebook.
  8. Central MT ad-Jenn: Heather will design the new ad by Nov 1st. Frank moves to purchase the ad for $995 and Craig 2nds. Passes.
  9. Static Clings: (CBucks Welcome): Ready to pass out!
  10. Digital ticker board: We want to look into just connecting a computer to a TV.
  11. System for Tables and Chairs-Jenn/Larry: Trailer is at Chad’s right now. Table until another date.
  12. Add New member information on FB as a post: Have the new member write a blurb they want posted.
  13. Review of Sugarbeet Festival
  14. Sponsorships (BPM): We will give a partial refund for cancelled events. We will have a special meeting to discuss the festival later.
  15. Festival of Trees: We will vote via email for the $250 fee to hire Hayley.


  • Adjournment 7:35pm

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